June 20, 2013

Current Readings

I'm sitting at work right now about to leave in 30 minutes but I thought I would write a quick post.  I guess you could call this my first "real" one since the first actual one was just a little welcome.  This summer I needed to get a job to earn money for college.  Well, I applied to so many different places and it was just too difficult to find a job that would fit around my busy schedule.  In the end, I ended up working for dad at his office.  So now, from 9-5 I answer the phones.  Its pretty great...NOT.  Let me just say it is the most boring thing ever.  I sincerely apologize to anyone out there who does it for a living, props to ya!  

The only good thing that has come out of this job is that...oh wait the phone rings... I have started reading again.  I used to be a crazy reader as a child, flying through books during car rides and when I was bored.  During all winter and spring breaks I would catch up on my reading and this summer is no different.  Rereading a lot of old books because new additions to the series have arisen or just because the series is great.  As a forewarning, I'm a "fancy" book reader.  I'm not into the classic literature or what not but recently I have been addicted to "post-apocalyptic" type novels and (dare I say) 50 Shades of Grey-esque novels.

A few of my current faves are listed below and please tell me if there are any that you are currently enjoying because I love a great book!

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