June 27, 2013

Let's do some Recon

My sister has been in town this past week so my dearest apologies for the lack of posts! Today I wanted to tell you guys about my new love... a backpack.  Yes, who would have thought that my favorite thing I bought during orientation weekend would be a backpack.  Practically everyone at my high school had North Face backpacks but I always carried around a large leather tote instead.  I never understood the appeal of the coveted North Face backpack because I assumed it was like every other backpack.  Because of my lankier tall body backpacks never sat well with me.  The straps were always too big and falling off my shoulders and the structure of the backpack itself just made me look like a turtle and really hurt my back.  So when high school started 4 years ago I opted for a tote bag.  While I know what your thinking, "How is a massive tote bag better for your back?"  Well it isn't.  But it fit my needs better and hey, I just liked it.  I never had to carry around too many book so it worked just perfectly.

Anyway, with college right around the corner I figured I would just go ahead and buy a backpack.  Figuring I would be doing a lot more walking around and would most likely be carrying a lot more materials (textbooks, laptops, etc) a backpack would be more useful than a tote back.  When i finally came to this decision the first thing that popped into my head was the oh-so-cliche North Face backpack.  At first I tried to find something else purely because I didn't want something EVERYONE else had.  But after doing tons of research I realized that North Face is one of the top backpack makers.  Stalking the website for new colors I couldn't make up my mind.  Not wanting to get plain black (because of new recent black winter jacket from North Face) i was limited to bright pinks and blues, neither of which I found appealing.  So I waited.

So up comes orientation weekend and there is a North Face store right by our hotel.  I went in just to look and came out with a backpack.  Its all black with neon blue trimming.  It gets the best of both worlds in my opinion.  I ended up buying it because North Face was having a 25% off backpacks deal and they just implemented their 10% off with a student ID deal.  So 35% off I bought my backpack.  And lets just say I am sooo glad I did.  I have been addicted to using it ever since, and a weekend getaway trip with my sister was the perfect opportunity.  I absolutely love it and cannot believe I didn't get one sooner.  So for anyone out there looking for a great backpack I highly recommend anything North Face!

The backpack I got is the North Face Women's Recon (apologies for the cheesy title) in black and blue (can't find exact one on site although have found similar ones, the blues just don't match).  I ended up going with the Recon instead of the Borealis purely because of how much I was getting on sale.  I really like the fact that North Face makes backpacks for both men and women because the cut of the women's backpack fits my frame better so the straps don't fall off as much.  I like how there are straps on the side of the backpack to make it look less bulky.  And while on the outside it doesn't appear to be able to hold that much, trust me you can squeeze a lot in! The different compartments are tow drink holders are also great!

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