June 21, 2013


As the title suggests, I just went to college orientation.  And let me tell you, I want to go to college even more!! I didn't know it was possible for me to want college more than I do but I do.  Just living on the campus and getting the college vibe was like a drug and now I want more.  I picked my classes for first semester and I am so excited.  I want everything from the late nights to the sleepy early morning classes, from crazy roommates to new best friends.  For everyone out there who has gone to college or is currently in college you all know what I mean.

The thought of college has been in the back of my mind ever since I was about 8 and my older sister left for school.  One of the most traumatizing experiences of my life (or so I thought as a child) college was something I could never imagine myself doing.  I never thought I would be able to leave my family for 4 years and live completely on my own.  But now that the time has finally come, I couldn't be more excited and ready to the new experiences and adventures!  

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