July 24, 2013

A Starbucks Tale

Okay.  I know this may seem like the lamest post ever but I just wanted to tell you all about an amazing Starbucks experience that I had and just tell you all how much I love this over popular coffee shop!

So there is this guy at my local Starbucks, and no its not like that.  He is just super friendly to everyone and is always in a good mood.  Whenever I am in there he always greats me and asks me how my day is etc.  A few months ago I went in one morning before school and I wasn't feeling good and I was super stressed with finals and APs, I was a wreck.  I told this guy my problems for who knows what reason and he was super nice about it.  When I picked up my drink at the end of the counter a note was written on the side of the cup.  Now I didn't interpret the note as anything other than he was being super nice and trying to make me feel better when I was down but I guess you could take it other ways.  But I just couldn't believe that he thought of doing something like that it just made my day!

Flash forward to today.  I go in for my daily 3 o'clock drink (its treat receipt time!!) and find him working.  Normally he only works in the mornings, which I don't do in the summertime, so I was quite shocked to see him.  It made me excited because he is always so happy which rubs off on me.  During the summertime I always get a grande iced chai with very little ice but today I just wasn't feeling it.  This barista made me a crazy drink once before so I asked him to do it again.  I told him I wanted a chai concoction and he went with it.  He is always telling me about the different drinks he makes and they always sound so good.  In fact, today he told me that he is getting is own menu at Starbucks for different drinks he makes!  Crazy right!  Anyways, he told me I couldn't watch him make it and then had me taste it without knowing what it was.  OH MY GOD was it delicious.  I don't exactly remember what was in it because there were quite a few different shots of flavors but I'll do my best.  2 shots chai, 2 shots toffee, 1 shot vanilla, and some a little bit of soy.  Now I feel like I am forgetting something but I think that covers most of it!  This drink was so good I can't even believe it, and normally I don't like caramel or toffee things but it was sooo good.  He even offered to change something or make me a new one if I didn't like it.  Now I know that this drink would normally be crazy expensive with all the extra shots but this guy didn't charge me a dime past the usual $3.98 or whatever it is.  

I guess the main point of this post is to just thank all the awesome people out there that do great things for people and are always happy.  And to thank those of you that work at places like Starbucks or waitress or work retail because your job is difficult yet you are always super nice (minus those crazy exceptions! ha).  So don't be afraid to make friends with your local coffee shop barista or whoever it may be because you never knkow what good things may come your way from it.  Also, this guy just makes me want to be a better person because of how nice he was to me!  I guess when you receive kindness all you want to do is spread kindness to others.  To know that there are still awesome people like this out there in the world makes all the other crazies and psychos seem a lot smaller.

Do you have any amazing stories like this one of exceptional awesomeness or kindness?!  

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