July 29, 2013

A TV Confession: The Vineyard {1x01}

So this is one of the new shows on ABC Family.  Now I was a little skeptical at first because well I have never seen something like this on ABC Family but who doesn't love a little reality TV with some really HOT guys!  Anyways, i watched the first episode and decided I would share my thoughts with all of you!

First things first, reminds me exactly like Laguna Beach or The Hills.  The way they have the main character, Katie, kind of narrating throughout the episode is just like Lauren Conrad.  Now I guess I don't mind that all that much but it is kind of annoying, like they couldn't even think of something original.  But it does remind of those shows in a good way too.  I mean who didn't love to watch hot people mingle and date hot mingle and watch the lives of hot people progress.  I know I loved it!  I think this show is just going to be that,  Easy to watch during the summer time!

The show follows 11 people during their summer at Martha's Vineyard.  10 of those are working at the Black Dog, a famous tourist spot in the Vineyard, and 2 of the 11 are locals who call the summer workers or tourists "wash ashores."  Basically the first episode showed a little bit of insight into a few of the characters and drama is already starting day one.  

My favorite guy is Luis (Lu)  and my favorite girl is Jackie.  As of right now I want to stab both Johnathon and Cat in the eyes because they are total asses!  I think that Lu and Katie are eventually going to get together after much fight and drama and tension.  Each one is going to like someone else and eventually they will realize their feelings for the other, so cliche and predictable!  We don't really know too much about some of the other characters yet except for the drama between Cat and Ben (the two locals) because Cat supposedly revealed Ben's secret about why he "left" the Marines.  I also predict that Cat is going to get feelings for Lu and Jackie also has feelings for Lu.  If you cannot tell already Lu is EXTREMELY HOT!!! haha :D

I don't really have too much else to report but I thought I would just let you all know that I did really enjoy the first episode and cannot wait to keep watching.  Oh, one more thing, the show is very (and I do mean VERY) scripted, so be warned.  You can tell from the character Emily because she is a very bad actress!  But that doesn't stop me from watching some light and entertaining hot people enjoy a kick-ass summer!

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