July 23, 2013

Being sick

So for the past few days I haven't been feeling good.  I'm not quite sure what is wrong but its a whole bunch of things tangled together.  Everything from a pounding headache to an upset stomach and a awful dry cough.  Whatever it may be I have not been feeling the greatest so I have been cooped up inside under the covers of my bed.  I kind of like it when I'm sick because it gives me an excuse to relax but at the same time it drives me crazy when I can't go out and do things.  

While I have been sick I have decided to rewatch The Vampire Diaries.  I think this is one of my all time favorite shows.  It is so different than any other show I watch and the plot lines always intrigue me.  Plus, there are a hell of a lot of HOT guys on there (aka Ian Somerhalder!!)  Starting back from season 1 I realized just how awesome this show is.  It has resparked my love for it during the off season.  Watching entire seasons of shows is something I always do when I'm sick, last time was 90210.

Another thing I become obsessed with when I'm sick is tea and water.  I know this may not sound as too much of a shock but my tea cravings spark when I'm sick.  I'm usually a green tea or very simple black tea with lots of lemon and sugar kind of girl.  The kind of the fruit variety was never too appealing to me, always tasted too much like cold medicine.  Another tea fave of mine is chai tea.  Whether it be the actual tea formula or the delicious lattes from Starbucks I am chai tea obsessed!!  As far as the water aspect of this goes I drink more when I'm sick because well I have no explanation.  I always learned that when your sick its best to keep hydrated so I try to drink as much water as I can.  Because normally I hate water (too bland) I add tons of lemon to it.  Not only is this great for you when your sick because you are getting good fluids but the lemon is great for your immune system!

I have also been stuck to a very bland diet because of my stomach issues.  Its been toast, applesauce, and rice for the past two days.  Let's just say I could really use a burger right about now.  There really is no way to make this food any better.  Don't get me wrong, I love all these foods but there's something about knowing that this is all you can eat that makes you not like them one bit.  

What do you guys do when your sick?  Do you have any rituals that you do or any tricks that always seem to make you feel better?

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