July 22, 2013

Closet Cleaning

Because I am starting to pack for college I wanted to share some tips for you all on how to keep a clean and organized closet.  Most of this process hasn't been too bad simply because my closet is pretty organized.

1.  Go through your closet pretty frequently.  Usually I do this at the end of every season.  I look at my clothes and say "What didn't I wear too much this season?"  If there is something I find that I never really took off the shelf  or only wore it once or twice I put it in a pile and everything else stays on the shelf.  With the pile of stuff I didn't wear I go through it all again and talk through each piece.  I usually end up giving most of it away but sometimes I just have to hold onto a piece.  One question I ask is, "Would I buy this now?"  Sometimes this questions challenges me and if I cannot immediately say yes, then toss it or put it in storage.  If you ever think of the piece and want to wear it then you know where it is, but it's not taking up space in your closet.

2.  Every time a buy new items I try to get rid of a few older pieces.  Now I don't mean EVERY SINGLE TIME just when you do a big shopping haul or what not try to go through your closet.  There are always pieces that I find I just get sick of or never really wear anymore so I get rid of them.  I would do this at your discretion because if you feel like you bought items that you don't really have then feel free to take a pass but make sure that you aren't always buying new clothes but never getting rid of the old ones.  Also, feel free to take some time after the purchase to do this.  Once you see how these new items fit into your wardrobe it may influence what pieces you choose to keep and what ones you choose to trash.

3. Invite a friend over.  For the pile of clothes that you aren't quite sure on call a friend to have her help you (Sex and the City style!!).  My sister and I do this for each other all the time.  We try on clothes that we aren't sure if we should keep or discard so that the other person can make a more rational decision than we could.  You can make this tons of fun too!!

4.  A trick that someone told me once that I have never actually used (I want to though!) but think it would work amazing is that if there are pieces you aren't sure on to flip the hanger on your rod so its facing the other way.  Then in a few months go through and see if any hangers are still backwards.  If they are, then that means you haven't worn them at all so it's probably an item you should trash.

I wish you all luck on your closet cleaning adventures.  While it might be hard to part with some items just think of all the room you are making to add amazing new pieces.  At the end of the adventure it feels refreshing to be a bit more organized.  Donate your pieces to Goodwill or Salvation Army or if they are still in good condition and were expensive sell them on eBay!  Have fun cleaning!!

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