July 3, 2013

Coffee coffee coffee

So up until recently I despised coffee.  I couldn't even look at it without getting nauseous.  But I loved the smell of coffee as well as coffee ice cream (YUM!).  But starting college I knew that I should start liking coffee because I would probably be drinking a lot of it!  I tried many different varieties and it in different forms but i just could do it.  It tasted like pure evil in my mouth.  However, working my 9-5 job I couldn't stay awake.  There is a kitchen in the office and there is always a pot of coffee keeping warm.  I figured now is as good a time as ever to try coffee because it was free!  

I started with very little coffee and mostly milk.  This wasn't too bad because it just had a bit of coffee flavor.  Each day I would add more coffee and less milk.  Now I am up to about 60% coffee and 40% milk.  I am pretty proud of myself considering I used to not even be able to stand any coffee.  Now I drink my coffee pretty regularly at like 4 o'clock.  Although I don't feel like it does much difference.  Maybe I was always expecting it to give me great bursts of energy so I don't notice a small one but i swear I could just as easily take nap after a glass of coffee as I can before.  Maybe as I start adding even more coffee and less milk this will change but I don't know.  

What are your guy's thoughts?  Does coffee not seem to work on any of you?  And if this is the case, what do you do to keep energized towards the end of the tedious work day?


  1. Pre college I hated coffee but I loved coffee icecream. In college I became obsessed with iced coffee. I still am not a fan of hot coffee.


    1. i haven't tried iced coffee yet! do you really like it better than regular?

      thanks for checking out my blog!


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