July 12, 2013

Favorite Summer Nail Polishes {2013}

So I'm kind of a nail polish junkie.  I don't think I can walk into a drugstore and not come out with a nail polish.  There is always a color, that catches my eye, one that I don't have but "need," a color that I say on someone's blog, or one that I just simply want.  Nail polish is a problem.  And it's not like this is recent addiction I have loved nail polish ever since I was a kid.  It was one of the few beauty things that I actually liked as a kid.  Everything from stick ones to the ultra glitter I loved nail polish.  Sometimes I still find some of that old junky nail polish and it makes me laugh my head off.

Here are a few of the nail polishes that I have been wearing like crazy so far this summer:

1. Ulta White:  I could not find a name for this nail polish anywhere!!  Also, apologies for the fact that I forgot to shake it up before I took the picture so it is slightly separated at the top...oops.  This white is actually a very opaque cream and only takes two coats.  I think white is such a sleek color to pull off in the summer because its so simple and makes you look so put together. 

2. Essie Naughty Nautical:  This is the only one that I couldn't get to show up as bright as it actually is.  It is a very bright teal color with a hint of shimmer through it.  This color is so pretty and unlike anything I have.  It goes on perfectly in two coats.

3. Essie Butler Please:  Electric blue!  That is all I can say about this color.  It is so much brighter than I anticipated it being and I love it.  Right now I'm wearing this color on my toes and it is so pretty.  I think this would look great if you were really tan too!

4.  Essie Mint Candy Apple:  Official ALL TIME FAVORITE nail polish right here!!  I literally cannot get enough of this color.  I wear it no matter what season it is so you might see this in all my seasonal nail polish favorites.  I think it goes with everything looks great on your fingers and toes and it a breeze to apply.  Everyone needs to go out and buy this its truly ah-mazing!

5.  Essie Good as Gold: I love this for the accent nail with any of these other colors.  Sometimes I use if to a french manicure with or the moon manicure.  I think this gold is as good as a gold can get (pun kind of intended!)  However, this nail polish is the biggest bitch ever to apply.  You have be so fast when applying it because it dries almost instantly.  And then if you try going over it again it starts removing the first layer you did.  Also, it shoes off all ridges in your nail (eek!)  It took me a few tries to master this nail polish but I have it finally figured out and I love it.  I wouldn't let the application stop you from trying this out.  Also, a clear top coat usually fixes some the issues with it.

6.  China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy:  When I say this color is neon, its NEON!  But I love it.  perfect for wearing to the beach or the pool its soooo bright.  I'm not one for pink nail polishes but this one is spectacular.  This one dries really quickly like Good as Gold but it goes on smoother.  Sometimes I only need one coat with this but i always do two such for safe measures.

If you can't tell by the nail polishes I picked, I love blues and Essie.  I'm not quite sure why blue is my favorite nail polish color but it is.  I think it really compliments my skin tone and they go with pretty much everything.  Also, Essie's nail polishes are always winners for me.  I don't think I have come across one yet that I haven't loved.  They alawys come out with gorgeous new colors that capture my attention every time!  What are some of you favorite summer nail polishes?

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