July 27, 2013

How I Remove Nailpolish

I thought I would tell you all how I remove my nail polish.  I used to just scrub away at my nails until I found this trick online. I am sure you all have probably heard of it but I love this technique the best. Its great for stubborn polishes like darker colors or glitters but its also great for everyday use.  I hope you guys enjoy and try this trick for yourself!

You will need tin foil, nail polish remover, cotton balls, and hand lotion.

Tear the cotton balls into smaller pieces, you will need 10 of them.  Even though you might think they are too small is okay, smaller is better than bigger. You will also need to tear/cut the tinfoil into 10 rectangles. I suggest rectangles over squares because you want one side to be longer so that it wraps all the way around tour finger.

Soak one cotton piece with remover. The littlest amount of remover is fine, the cotton ball will absorb a ton!

Next, cover the cotton piece and your nail with the tin foil. You will want to make sure the tinfoil is tight and secure on your finger.  The reason that this trick works so well is because it prevents the remover from evaporating and lets it really soak into the nail polish instead. 

Repeat the process on all your fingers!  Leave the tin foil and cotton on your fingers for 5-10 minutes depending on what type of nail polish you have on.

When you remove the tin foil and cotton piece slide it off your finger.  You should see all the nail polish come right off (sorry if that is hard to see in the above picture, maybe white wasn't the best color to do this tutorial with! oh well.)  If there is a little left over then just lightly scrub and it should come off.  If there is still a lot of nail polish left or just didn't quite work then try different nail polish remover. Yours might be a bit old which has happened to me before.  Now just do this on your other hand and you are all set!!

Finally, just apply lotion all over your adds and focus it directly on your nails and cuticles.  Because the nail polish remover was sitting on your nails and skin for so long it can dry it out.  

Also, I'm not quite sure why my hands are looking soo red in all this pictures, must be the lighting!  I will try to fix that.  I also want to apologize for the dirtiness of the floors of which I am taking these pictures on for a backdrop.  I did not see any of those hairs in the camera!  Clearly my floors need some cleaning.

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