July 28, 2013

Leather Leggings!

So if you have been reading my recent posts (and if you haven't check out this one and this one) you know that I have been eyeing a certain pair of leather leggings for quite some time!  Well I finally caved and bought them.  It was one of the most expensive things I have ever bought with all my own money.  I know GASP!  I'm only 18 and have always lived with my parents who love to spoil me.  I don't mean to brag but yeah.  Well this summer I got my first job so I had to start buying my own things especially since we are paying for college.  The first item I purchased with my first paycheck was the coveted leather leggings found here.  Now I know I am a bit late to jump on the leather pant bandwagon but hey, better late than never right!  I thought I would show you all a few ways that I would style leather leggings.  

Outfit #1:  This is the most casual of all the outfits.  A simple white tank and large cardigan really tones down the leather of the leggings.  Now these leggings aren't extremely shiny like some I have seen which is why I really like them.  In the right lighting you can sea more shine.  Any ways, I also toned the outfit down with some black high top converse (which are my new obsession btw!)  For jewelry I kept it simple with a feather pendant and a watch.  There are many ways in which you all can add your own twist to this easy look.  Switch out the shoes for your faves or a brighter colored sweater would be cute too!

Outfit #2:  This outfit is less casual than the last one but I'm still keeping it pretty casual because I didn't switch up the shoes but stuck with my black high top converse.  I think you could totally change up this look but adding a cute pair of combat boots or black booties!  For this outfit I am wearing a graphic tee of the Union Jack and a white blazer.  I am only wearing a watch with this outfit but I think a long pendant of some sort would look really cute as well.  

Outfit #3: This is my outfit for a night out with the girls.  It's kind of out there so if its not your style you can totally tone it down.  I am wearing a black lace top with a hot pink bandeau underneath.  It would look great also with a black bandeau or even a black/colored tank top if that's more your style.  I am wearing black pointed flats but I would recommend black heels if you have them.  Because I am 5'10.5 I don't really wear heels all that much because it makes me uncomfortable to be any taller than I am.  However if you have heels  or even black heeled booties I think this is the perfect outfit for them!!  I like keeping this all black with a pop of color because it keeps the leather pants chic instead of tacky!

I wish you all well on your leather leggings wearing and I would love to see you all rocking  a hot pair of leather leggings.  Please send me pictures of how you style this staple!

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