July 31, 2013

One More Month!

I literally cannot even believe that it is almost august!  This summer has flown by.  Its crazy how much I have done yet at the same time I feel as though I didn't do shit.  I just feel like I couldn't have done so many more things and there are still things I want to do but don't have time and its just...aaahh!  While I am so excited to leave for college these last moments with my friends are both happy and sad.  I am glad we are all going to places we want to be but at the same time I know that I might not see some of them again or at least not until next summer.  Its just crazy to think that there are people that you used to see everyday walking in the halls or in your classes that you may never ever see again.  While you may not have ever been best friends with them just seeing them was comforting and then not seeing them will be totally weird.

So far this summer I have said good bye to two really close friends that are moving, as in their families are moving to different states or even countries!  Its so surreal that things like this are happening and that soon we will be entering the real world and...well... its just a lot to take in.  The fact that I am packing for college when I remember like 1st grade like it was yesterday.  However at the same time, I'm like finally its time for me to go to college this took so damn long.  I guess its just all the emotions piling up and having conflicting thoughts.  I am sorry for this ramble I just am still stunned by the fact that in one month I am leaving for college.  As in I have a one way ticket somewhere!  Like how crazy is that.  The first time I think I have ever bought only a one way ticket anywhere.  The first steps in starting my own life and its crazy, crazy good, crazy exciting, and even crazy scary.

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