July 18, 2013


So about that no buy... well I failed!  I couldn't help myself.  I no that is a really lame excuse but I just...I have no words.  I'm to a music festival in like 2 weeks so I wanted to get some stuff for that and then while I was at the mall I found other things and yeah.  I was a bad girl.  

1.  Black lace shirt.  This shirt is really boxy and kind of cropped.  I have the same one in white and it was on sale for $5 at H&M so I really couldn't resist it.

2. Olive green knit sweater.  Next year I will be going to college in a cold climate so any chance I get to buy a cute sweater I never really pass on.  On sale for $15 at H&M.

3.  High waisted white studded shorts.  These are from Forever 21.  High waisted shorts were one of the main things I went to the mall to get and these are for the music festival.  There were tons of other pairs and colors that I really liked and might go back for.

4. Olive green lace shirt.  This is the exact same as the black one above.  H&M was having a sale where if you bought two sale items the third one was free!

5. Black leather leggings.  These are the ones that I posted in this post.  They were kind of expensive especially because I know that there are tons of places that sell them cheaper but they were really good quality and I have been stalking them for ages so I finally caved.

6.  Heather grey cropped top.  This is a very basic tight cropped grey tank from F21.

The theme for this shopping trip was clearly darker toned neutrals, black and olive green.  Except for the white high waisted shorts.  I love buying neutral colored clothing because it really goes with pretty much anything you own.  Perfect for mix and matching and layering.

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