July 30, 2013

Pumped Up Kicks

I bought some new gym shoes!!  I am seriously obsessed with them.  They are a bright turquoise color with neon green/yellow laces and tongue.  I literally cannot get over how adorable they.  I find myself awkwardly staring at them every once in a while :D  They are the Nike 2013 Flex Runs (found here).  I had previously been eyeing these bad boys but just couldn't justify the price.  I mean I almost did it a couple of times but something just kept holding me back.  Anyways, when I found the Flexes also on the Dick's Sporting Goods website I looked into them more.  They basically looked exactly the same as the Frees, same color and all, and they both claimed to do very similar things.  I read reviews of both pairs and got only positive remarks for both.  It tipped me over the edge when the Flexes went on sale for $10 off and I would get free shipping.  I caved and bought them and couldn't be happier that I went with the 2013 Flex Runs over the Free 5.0s.  For a $40 difference I am so glad I got the Flexes.  They are amazing and fit perfectly.  They feel light and I just cannot wait to go workout in them.  I would highly recommend this shoe and they have tons of great colors online!

One of the things I am hoping buying a new cute pair of shoes will do is force me to go to the gym more.  I am hoping that cute shoes and cute workout gear will make me want to go work out and stuff because I want to wear them.  However, nothing has ever stopped me from wearing my go to workout outfit to class so who knows!  A girl can hope right?!  

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