July 8, 2013

Shopaholics Anonymous

I hope everyone had a great 4th! Mine was filled with relaxing, barbeques, and fireworks!

So I apologize for yet another ramble about my current addictions but I can't help it that I have a serious problem!  

Once upon a time in a not-so-foreign land yours truly was born.  At the small age of about 5 I couldn't help but always admire the women in the magazines who always wore such lavish clothing.  I would raid my older sister's closet stealing her clothing which was much too big for me considering she was 10 years older than me.  But that did not stop me!  As my love for clothing started to grow and grow by the time I reached an age where I was more able to fend for myself and became much more acquainted with the miracle of internet my addiction exploded.  

Starting high school not only broke the bank it also expanded my closet.  Needing every cute thing I saw on someone else I couldn't stop.  And while I was addicted to shopping, I absolutely HATED spending money.  I was the biggest bargain shopper ever.  But buying cheaper clothes means you can buy more clothes, right?  Wrong!! Oh I was most definitely wrong.  Buying more and more hangers I eventually realized I needed to stop.  So one day I sat down and raided my own closet tossing everything I hadn't worn in the past 2 years.  While this was an extremely heartbreak experience because I was so attached to everything (Yes I know, they are just clothes but they are so much more!)  After the closet cleanse I felt so much better.  I really showed me what awesome pieces I had in my collection that I had forgotten about and some of the key pieces I needed.  

Well now we enter the college years.  Starting my freshmen year I feel the need to go crazy shopping all over again!  But I can't because well...college is cray cray expensive.  There I so many things I need want but I know I can't get.  Literally this has been the biggest test of my will ever.  But so the no-buy before college continues but so does my obsession with buying clothes.  It doesn't help that as I've gotten older either my tastes have matured to more expensive items (bye bye forever21).  

White Converse
Here are a few of my current wants:

Leather Leggings
Nike Free 5
Any olive green military-esk style jacket

 And trust me when I tell you this list keeps on going... comfy sweaters, leather jacket, loose t's, workout gear (leggings and sports bras anyone?!)  But I must put college first and put my shopping needs aside (for now).  Wish me luck and hopefully I keep my word and not buy anything!!

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