February 12, 2014

TV Time: Pretty Little Liars 4x05

So here is the first installment of my TV rant series.  I will find a better name for it as TV Time is extremely lame but it's all I could think of for the moment.  So if you have any suggestions (please do!!) I would love to hear them!

For the first one I thought I would talk about one of my all time favorite shows...Pretty Little Liars.  I just watched last night's episode (7/9/2013) called Gamma Zeta Die.  **Spoilers ahead**  I don't know about you guys out there but I think the last few PLL episodes haven't been as good as they can be.  There are really only two main stories going on, the Parrot Tippi and the phone number, and Hanna's mother killing Wilden.  All the other minor lines aren't that important and are more or less kind of annoying (hello Emily's parents abusing her...like what?!)

Is Mrs. Marin a killer? Hanna is the biggest idiot of all times.  First off, taking a potentially stolen gun from your mom's closet and then bringing it to a sorority house partay...yikes!  And then you decide its a brilliant idea to try to bury it in the middle of (what month is it even in Rosewood?) when the ground is probably really hard.  You probably deserve being arrested just out of the sheer stupidity of that plan.  Also, I don't quite understand why Spencer never told the girls what Melissa said about Wilden.  It might have made Hanna less paranoid knowing that maybe Melissa killed Wilden and not her mom.  I really don't think Mrs. Marin killed Wilden but she sure is hiding something!  What do you think is up with Hanna's mom?

So the girls are thinking about college?  Why was this like first episode where there was any mention of the girls going to college?  We always heard about Spencer wanting to go to UPenn and Emily Stanford but not a peep from either Aria or Hanna.  We still don't know much about what Aria wants to do with her next 4 years but we do know (finally) that Hanna wants to attend FIT.  Does anyone else find Brandon the college counselor a little suspicious?  I mean he shows up out of no where and hangs out at college parties like its no big deal...hmmm sketchy if you ask me for a so-called college advisor to go to a college partay with the person he is supposed to be advising.

Tippi the damn parrot!  In this episode Emily and Spencer take a college visit to Cicero College where they hope to find the number that Tippi was singing and Emily hopes to make connections to help her get a scholarship to the school.  Spencer is showing Allison's picture to all the guys she meets in hopes of finding "boy shorts (Allison's hottie boyfriend from the summer she was killed)"  She then realizes that Emily is missing and on her hunt to find her she stumbles across a creepy, and I mean CREEPY back room in the sorority house.  Here she finds the phone that Allison was calling.  In my mind this looked like the type of room that a kidnapper would hold his kidnappee or like a torture chamber or something.  Whatever this room was it was not normal.  Spencer also found what looked like claw marks on the walls (someone trying to escape maybe?)  My thoughts:  This is where Alli's twin was kept because she was crazy.  I don't know but it must have some sort of connection with the hold house mother Carla Grunwald!  Also, wasn't there some connection between Cece and Cicero College?  Hmmmm the clues keep coming yet we still are left questioning!!!

Who is A?  As of right now I am still sticking with the whole Allison's twin thing but hey, we never know with these producers!

Let me know all of your guys' theories on what's happening with PLL.  I would love to hear all of your ideas because it helps me figure things out too!  Are there any other shows you would like me to watch or comment on, let me know!!


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    1. OMG!!! Get out your computer and start watching right now!!! I swear it will change you life (for the better...well maybe worse!!) haha Thanks for checkign out my blog and commenting, it truly means a lot!


  2. I just watched this episode. And I totally agree that the show is not so interesting as it was. Plus how long can they keep A a secret, it is getting a little annoying to say at least.


    1. I know right! I mean I understand that not knowing who A is is a major part of the show but its getting so annoying. The least they could do is give better hints at who it is! I mean even after we know who A is there are so many other story lines they could go with afterwards!!

      Thanks for checking out my blog and taking the time to comment! I means so much.


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