February 12, 2014

What's on my iPhone?

I am addicted to my phone.  I cannot go anywhere without it.  And if I don't have it, I feel empty.  Even if I'm not using it I just need to have it in my hand or something because it has literally become an extension of arm.  I digress.  I've seen these on YouTube a lot but I thought I would post mine on here.  I have a white, iPhone 5 and the background is a gold sparkle chevron.

The first and second screens of my iPhone looks like this:

As you can see, I organize all of my apps into different groups.  On the second page I have all the apps that I never really use.  And I HATE how you cannot put Newsstand in a group.  I don't want it let me delete it or at least hide it!!

Now I shall delve into each category:

 Here is where I have my most used apps and social media!  I just have the basic ones.


 This is where I have just some helpful apps that I use.  Weather, maps, flashlight, etc.  By the way, if any of you are students, I highly recommend Flashcardlet.  Its a great flashcard app that you can use on the go! I was my life saver senior year of high school!  So is Dropbox, you can easily get your documents from anywhere it is amazing.
Now I'm not much of a gamer but I do have a few.  While this may seem like a lot to some I know people that just have pages and pages of games.  To me games just take up too much space for other things that I would rather have.  I'll just point out a few of my faves that I have.  First, OvenBreak.  Basically you are trying to get a gingerbread man out of the oven.  Its super addicting and I love it!  Clue is my favorite board game and the app is also fun (but really hard when you get to higher levels).  Monopoly...enough said!!  I used to be a Tiny Tower addict but eventually I knew I had to stop otherwise I would never leave my house and would always be counting down hours until the next item loaded.  Lep's World is ah-mazing and I was crazy addicted until I beat all the levels!  And as a fair warning, I don't really like Candy Crush (sorry).  Life is my new favorite game.

 This is by far my most favorite of all my app groups!  To say I'm addicted to editing my photos for Instagram and such is an understatement.  For this one I'll tell you mainly what I use each app for because let me tell you, I do actually use them all!!  Photostudio is mainly for brightness, contrast, and basic stuff like that.  Picfx has tons of filters and is the app gives you all the best light effects (hello Boca!!)  PicFrame is exactly what it sounds like, the best app in my opinion for collages.  BeFunky is one fo the ones that I don't use that much but it has more filters.  Over I use for adding text to my images.  Pixlromatic is yet again more filters.  Vintique is also more filters but why I like Vintique is you can add filters on top of each other and adjust how strong the filter appears.  I've never actually used Split Pic because wellI've found th perfect opportunity to but it looks awesome.  Basically it lets you take multiple pictures of yourself in one photo and blends it all together.  It's hard to explain but I seriously suggest you all check it out! And FxCamera is more filters again!

I don't really use this grouping all that much.  I use Flixster for movie times and YouTube for well...YouTube.  The two DownMan's have movies that I downloaded on them for long car rides or flights when i don't want to bring out my laptop and such.  And the CW and ABC Family apps have episodes of TV shows I like on them in case I missed one and want to watch on the train or whenever.

Pretty basic stuff here.  Pandora and Spotify for when my own music doesn't quite cut it.  LyricFind because I love learning the lyrics to songs.  And Shazam because you never know when you might want to know the name of a random song you hear.

Yes I realize I have two groups called Social.  but they are very different types of social in my opinion.  The first one is more social media and this one is more website based and stuff.  I know that sounds very similar because like Facebook and Twitter are websites but they are different okay (as I try to convince myself!) So I have Pinterest and Wanelo to get my fashion and stuff.  IMDB because you just never know.  Kindle for reading my books on my phone.  Bloglovin' and Blogger for my newest addiction.  And finally, Cluster, a photo sharing app where all your friends can upload photos to one album.  This is a great app that I suggest you all get!

Exactly what the title says these apps are.  The lame ass apps that Apple puts on your phone that they don't let you delete.  The only actually helpful app that I like on here is Find iPhone.  Everyone needs to get this app because it is seriously the bestest invention ever and it actually works!!! I lost my phone at orientation and tracked it with this app and it actually found my phone.  I was literally in awe of how awesome this app worked.  It plays sound even if your phone is on silent like mine was.  I love this app!!  Also, I don't use Safari because I just don't really like it.  I prefer the Google Chrome app because it looks nicer and syncs up with my Chrome on my laptop.

If you guys have any apps that you love please let me know.  I am becoming once again an app junkie and love simply browsing the app store.  Thanks for reading! 


  1. I have to do this !! Organize the apps in different folders !! Great tips , thanks for sharing !

    XX Luba

    Pairing peplum top with lace shorts and chic accessories in my look today

    1. It has made my life so much easier and my phone less cluttered!! Thanks for commenting and checking out my blog!!



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