August 7, 2013

Best Jeans Ever

I've have always struggled with finding the perfect pair of jeans.  I think most people have too.  Its just one of those clothing items that is so hard to find because everyone's body shape is different.  They fit so tightly to your body that finding the perfect pair is a must.  I think I have settled with so many different pairs of jeans over the years but have never been truly happy.  

Back in my lanky pre-teen years when all I could fit into were slims and 00's it was practically impossible to find a jean that I could fit into that my mom didn't have to put tucks into.  Then I hit my growth spurt.  Still being a small size they expect you to be shorter when you are a size 0.  I'm afraid that I didn't fit that bill.  Having to resort to Lucky Brand jeans at the age of 13 (no one should spend that kind of money on jeans at such a young age!) I made do.  Eventually my size went up so I could get away with a little longer length of jean.  

Enter when I quit playing volleyball, a sport a played for almost 6 years hardcore.  I was no longer the super skinny toned chica anymore but began filling out.  While jeans still fit me in the legs my waist became the tricky area now.  One size was to big but the smaller size was too tight (giving me a muffin top which I definitely shouldn't have.)  I ended up just suffering wearing jeans to small simply because they fit everywhere else.  

I couldn't imagine spending $200 on a pair of jeans until I tried on a certain pair.  My sister always talked about how ah-mazing J Brand jeans are, saying the stretch with your body and feel nice and tight but not too tight on.  I tried on a few pairs but still had the same problem, in between sizes.  Until I accidentally tried on a pair of high rise jeans.  Now I have two pairs of high waisted shorts which I am in love with.  They hide my stomach imperfections perfectly.  Why I never thought of trying on a pair of high waisted jeans I have no idea.  Needless to say this was the best mistake of my life!  I finally found a pair of jeans where it was okay for the waist to be a bit tight because it hides everything.  No slight muffin top but a nice smooth look.  If you don't want the high waisted look just pull your shirt over it, and if you do, you have it.  I am now obsessed with these jeans and want them in more shades.  I highly recommend trying the high waisted J Brand jeans (23110 Maria) or high waisted jeans from any brand if you suffer from being in between sizes or have muffin top issues!  These jeans are unbelievable comfy and have literally changed my life!

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