August 5, 2013


Sorry I have been MIA recently but I was at a music festival all weekend.  Hope you all have been enjoying these past few days as well.  Anyways, I wanted to share some few gift ideas with all of you.  

Today I am having all of my friends over and I am giving them all a collage of a bunch of pictures of all of us.  Its something that can easily be hung in a dorm room and will remind you of all the good memories we all had together.  The one I made just in a simple rectangle but some other people I know make them in monograms (and who doesn't love a great monogram!) or the letters of the school.  For a friend of mine who was moving a way I made her a booklet of collages.  Whatever it may be I think collages are great gift for any occasion.  You can either have them made for you or you can do it yourself.  I know Walgreens makes some amazing picture products but here are a few sites that I really like for making your own collages: piZap and PicMonkey.  Also, just type into Google "collage maker/creator/etc." and I guarantee you will find something that you like!

Another gift along those same lines is just a simple picture and frame.  Not many people share pictures any more because you can just as easily see them on Facebook or what not.  But I love getting an elegant picture frame with a picture for birthdays or holidays.  If you don't want get an actual picture, they do make digital picture frames which plays a slideshow of pictures that you have on an SD card.  Either way you chose to do this gift I highly recommend some sort of picture frame.

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