August 10, 2013

My First Time! {Tag}

I bet you thought this was isn't!  It's tag post of a bunch more questions about myself!!  I hope you enjoy!

1.      first word... Emily, my sisters name
2.      first best friend... Her name is Jessica and we met when we were two.  We are still best friends!
3.      first pet... My Carin Terrier Norman
4.      first fear... I really don't know what this would be because I can't remember that far back but I have been afraid of spiders for as long as I can remember
5.      first text this morning... Its a picture of a another text conversation
6.      first phone... Silver Motorola Razor
7.      first car... Technically I have never owned a car, I share one with my mom.  But the first car I started driving on when I was 16 was a Honda CRV
8.      first date... This may seem weird because I am 18 and what not but I have never been on a date.  I just never wanted to get into the whole dating thing in high school.
9.      first kiss...  Summer camp when I was like 12 I think.
10.  first love... Never been in love.
11.  first youtube subscription...  Allthatglitters21
12.  first big purchase... My large Dooney and Burke brown leather tote bag
13.  first job... Secretary at a law office.

Please let me know if you know of any other fun get to know you tags!  I would love to do them!

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