August 14, 2013


So I have recently become obsessed with tattoos.  I cannot stop looking at pictures of different peoples tattoos, watching YouTube videos of people explaining their tattoos, and so much more.  I even created a Pinterest board of tattoos I am obsessed with.  Now I don't have any tattoos but I REALLY want one.  The one thing that is stopping me is that my parents hate tattoos with a burning passion.  Their are two that I want: a roman numeral and a written word.  I don't want to go into too much detail about why I want each one but maybe if I end up getting them one day I will share.  Any ways, I am known to be the "good" girl so I'm not quite sure I could go against my parents and get a tattoo without them knowing.  But I want these sooo bad that I might just have to make an exception.  

Dainty tattoos...aaaahh perfection!  Here are my top three location ideas for each tattoo:


Do any of you have any tattoos?  If so where are they and did they hurt?

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