August 16, 2013

The Basic T

When it comes to basic clothing items I don't like to overspend.  These are items that you wear quite frequently and often have to repurchase.  This includes things like tank tops and basic t-shirts.  I know there are tons of people out there that love to spend more money on these items because it is something that you do wear so often so you spend more for better quality.  While I do see where they are coming from I just hate to spend so much money on items I know will get sweaty quickly and I will have to repurchase.

My all time favorite store to buy these basic Ts is as Target.  I am in love with their tank tops specifically.  They are the completely smooth ones, not the ribbed ones.  They fit like a glove and are really breathable.  I also think for being Target they are made very well.  Along those same lines I love the simple v necks that they have as well.  You can get them in so many different colors and different styles.  They have ones that fit really tight and then they have looser ones too.

I highly recommend checking out Target for your everyday basic tops, they are my favorites!

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