September 25, 2013

Favorite Fall Nail Polishes {2013}

1.  Revlon Colorstay Spanish Moss:  A perfect olive green (one of my favorite colors!).  This is a very opaque cream which I do really like for the fall.

2.  Revlon Colorstay Blue Slate:  My obsession for blues continues into the fall with this muted almost dusty blue.  It's like a cross between a grey and a blue but brighter.  Apologies for the lame description but colors are something I find hard to describe (and scents!).  Just like Spanish Moss this is a very opaque and cream formula.

3.  Essie For the Twill of It:  Literally my new favorite polish.  I just bought it two days ago and I am already obsessed.  I cannot even describe the wonderousness of the nail polish.  A dual tone purple green shimmer it is gorgeous.  Please Google good swatches of this because it is amazing.  I expect to wear this polish quite a lot this fall and probably even winter too because its just that gorgeous.

My attempt doesn't do this color enough justice.  It looks a different color in different lighting situations.  If you can't already tell, I am in love.  It applied beautifully as well.  

4.  OPI From A to Zurich:  This berry nail polish is the perfect transition between the hot pinks of summer and the ox bloods of winter.  Normally I don't like reds on my nails but this one is perfect because it is more berry and less red.  Applies well and is opaque and creamy.

5.  ORLY Rage:  This color is actually perfectly acceptable all year round as are most golds and shimmers but I kind of like rose gold a bit better in the fall.  It's softer than solid gold and ties better into the warm coziness of fall.  Also love using this as an accent nail for all my creams.  This is also super easy and nice to apply.

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