October 2, 2013

Oh So Charming

Charm bracelets were a really big thing when I was younger.  I feel like everyone had one and it was the thing to have.  I absolutely loved the idea of having them because it was a present that stayed with you forever and had so many memories on it.  But sadly the trend died.  Recently though I have been thinking about just how much I love them and how I kind of want one again!  I almost asked for one for graduation and kind of regret not doing so.  However, I just found out of this brand called Alex and Ani which is basically like one charm per bracelet instead of many charms on one bracelet.  Its my new obsession and I got two for my birthday.  I think I might have to get more because I love them.  Each charm has its own meaning as designated by the company but I feel as though you can attach your own meaning to them as well.  
These are the Alex and Ani bracelets.  I have my birthstone (sapphire) and the Endless Knot one!  I absolutely love them and they fit my jewelry style very well, simple and delicate.  

A few other types of charm bracelets I really like and might get are the Pandora one.  I like this one because the charms are on the bracelet and they don't dangle as much!  I just love the look of them too...sooo cute.

And finally, a more traditional route to the good ol' charm bracelet.  This one is from Tiffany and Co but you can literally find them in almost any cute jewelry store.  You do not have to go the expensive route at all!

What do you guys think about the idea of a charm bracelet?  Too middle school or preppy chic?

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