November 18, 2013

Boys boys boys

"Boys Suck!" I think I would need twenty hands to count on my fingers that number of times I have heard my friends (and myself) say this recently.  The first two months of college are over and every girl has had their dramas.  We fall in love too quickly and then get our hearts broken just as fast.  Now I am going to be the first one to admit that I never had a relationship in High School.  I kind of always thought it was a waste because you are just going to leave and go to college.  Well now upon coming to college I feel as though I am the most inexperienced person when it comes to guys.  All my friends always tell me their guy problems and I'm like "oh...yeah...hey..."  I am always really good at giving advice about guys but never seem to get any guys myself.  I don't really hook up with guys for fun but that's not to say I wouldn't ever.  Its just the right guy hasn't come along.  

But so here's my advice (and please take it with a grain of salt):  have fun!  I know that seems extremely cliche but its true.  Most girls get caught up in the romances of love that they forget to simply enjoy the life they currently have.  When a guy comes it will be unexpected and wonderful but to go out searching for him will just crush you in more ways than one.  Don't feel the need to rush into anything because other people are or the social norms tell you that you have to.  Just do what feels right to you, no matter what.  Don't lose yourself for other people.  Also, don't let a guy hurt you by telling you that you aren't good enough.  You are good enough for another guy out there.  Some day you will find happiness with a guy and that is all that matters!!

Please stay true to yourself and never define yourself by what others expect of you or what they tell you to do.  And yes sometimes guys to suck (I have numerous stories that can attest to that!!) but that's because they are a completely different species that need a lot of tender love and care.  They are very oblivious to their surroundings.  Sometimes a girl needs to be the guy and say exactly what she feels!  Don't be afraid and just take a leap!! 

Good luck, xoxo

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