November 17, 2013

My Planner

I thought I would do a post about how I organize myself for school!  I am basically addicted to my planner.  I write everything down in it even if it does not seem important.  Its just a way for me to keep everything straight.  I've never really been one to use the calender on my iPhone except for like reminders a day before and an hour before (those have literally saved my life countless times!)

Anyways this is just a quick post of pictures of my planner.  On the month spreads I put things that don't really relate to school but I also put big tests or projects due.  Then on the individual days I put my homework and things I have to do.  I highlight major things so that they draw my attention.  If it is really important I write it in another color for emphasis (everything else is in blue pen because I am addicted! haha)  Once I have completed something I put a check next to it so I feel accomplished!  That's basically it!

I highly recommend using something to keep your life in order.  I cannot tell you how many times I use this and It makes me feel so much more relaxed.  It helps me manage my time better because I can look ahead and see when I have things do etc.  Good luck keeping organized!  Also, I think I am going to do some more posts about taking notes and studying and more school related posts!  Please let me know if there is anything that you are interested in seeing!


PS.  Sorry that these photos are not the best quality ever... they were rather hard to take pictures of and not get my shadow in the way!  Still learning the ways of lighting and photography!

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