November 29, 2013

Turkey Day {2013}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you live in America!).  Mine was a very relaxed one this year.  I did not go home for this holiday so I didn't get to see my parents.  This was actually a lot sadder than I thought it would be because all of my other friends were doing so and it made me really want to be home.  Also, all my friends from home were back home and I was not able to see them which was unfortunate.  But I could not be more thankful for the time I did have.  I was able to spend time with my brother which was super nice!  I missed seeing him and hanging out with him so it was great that we got to spend so much time together.  It felt like we were never apart.

While this long break from school has been nice it was not a break for too long.  I have some CRAZY (and I mean cray-zy!!!) weeks ahead.  With only a week and a half left of the semester and it is jam packed filled with tons of papers and presentations due.  I never quite understood why teachers feel it necessary to pile on the workload right at the end.  And then there is a week for studying before finals and then one week of finals.  So its only 4 weeks-ish until winter break and that cannot come soon enough!!!  All I want is a break where it can actually be a break, no work looming overhead or sneaking up.  

For all of you in the same boat as me I wish you all luck in the process and I will see you all out on the other side!! haha  Try to enjoy the rest of your break before the chaos begins.  Good luck, and "May the odds be ever in your favor!!"


PS.  Catching Fire is DA BOMB!!

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