December 16, 2013

Study udy udy

So its finals week... and the doom and gloom is overwhelming as the fantasy of winter break taunts us.  Its one week of ultimate hell until 3+ weeks of wonderfulness.  I think finals week is literally the worst time for every college student.  Its when all partying must come to an end and you must put your Netflix account on hold and give your Facebook password to a friend.  I think this Buzzfeed perfectly represents all things finals, oh and this one too simply because Elf is involved.  An no matter how much we try to spend all day studying we end up starting new TV series or just laying in bed all day.  Or even spending the day wasting away hours everyone's new addiction: Buzzfeed (ooopss!)  

Well, I'm here to talk you out of your depression and tell you that if you just keep pushing through then you can make it til the end.  In the wise words of Dory, "Just keep swimming."  So here are a few finals study tips that can help you motivate yourself and push you through the end.

1. Focus on one thing at a time.  I know it can become super stressful when you have lists of things to do and it becomes so daunting that you just never know where to start so you decide you won't start studying and instead watch the first season of Gossip Girl.  Instead, pick one thing to do.  Trust me, checking that off the list is like the best satisfaction ever.  Maybe after everything you check off then you can allow yourself to watch an episode of GG.  But not until you have accomplished something.

2.  Get out of your room.  Your room should not be used for studying during finals weeks.  Your room should be the place where you can go back to and relax and not have to worry about anything.  I am not one for libraries because I just find them waaayyy too distracting (hello people watching!!)  But there are tons of other places I'm sure you can find on campus that are perfect for you.  I really like empty classrooms!

3.  Go for a walk.  Literally fresh air is a cure-all.  When you're stressed or overwhelmed just go for a walk.  Maybe take your iPod for some tunes to listen to but other than that I would try to leave your phone back in your room.  You need a break from all things and just some time to yourself to help you think.  While taking a walk/break may seem like the exact opposite thing you need or want to do, its exactly what you should do!

4.  Study groups.  Now this one is difficult.  I think it really depends on the people and your own personality if studying around others works for you.  For me, it depends on the subject.  Sometimes bouncing ideas off people helps me understand like history or language.  But subjects like math, I find easier to do myself.  Take this one with a grain of salt.  If the group starts becoming to distracting or you get off topic too much, just leave.  You may want to hang out with your friends but its only hurting you.

5.  Find your study method.  Whatever it may be everyone has something that works for them.  For me it depends on the subject.  I really like flashcards for terms in Spanish and Psychology for example.  The more times I do them the more I learn.  I also do like making study guides too.  Outlining your topics can help to rephrase things and put them in new light.  Find whatever works for you and stick with it.  If that's creating songs to memorize all the bones in the body a-la Hannah Montana then do it!! Don't let others try and change what you do.

I wish you all much luck and good grades this semester!!


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