January 20, 2014

A New Semester = A New You

Starting out a new semester I am always really excited.  New things to organize and color code, new notebooks to buy, and you just get a fresh new slate.  The start of a semester is always so much fun because you meet new people in all your classes and you still don't have too much work (can I hear an Amen for Syllabus Week!?)  But with this first week and the "clean slate feel" of a new semester also come the harsh realizations:  I need to work harder than I did last semester;  I need to meet with my teachers more; I can't procrastinate any more; Should I deactivate my Netflix account?  These questions plague you as you desire to have an even better second semester with everything you learned from the first.

The first few weeks are key to having a good semester.  Start your routine early so that you get in the habit of doing your work at certain times and learn the basics of your schedule.  From there you know what work must be done at night and what you can get done during the day.  Doing those first few assignments (while painful) will help you get back in the swing of things.  Do them early so you start of the semester ahead.  This will help for when teachers start piling on work and you get overwhelmed.  Another helpful hint is to do the work the day it is assigned not the day before its do.  For example, do the work for your MWF classes on Monday or Wednesday not Tuesday or Thursday.  That way you stay ahead and if you ever need to postpone something you can!

Just getting organized and being on top of your game at the beginning of the semester can make all the difference.  I have had tons of classes where by just doing some of the easy homework assignments or things the first few weeks helped me when it came time to testing (which is not my forte).  I promise that the more effort you put in in the beginning the better the middle and ends will be.  I know it seems counter productive but its all about the routine of things.  I think that saying is that doing something 21 times forms a habit.  That's 3 weeks.  So do something that you wish you had done first semester every day for the first three weeks of second semester and it becomes habit!!

Have a wonderful second semester lovlies!


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