January 29, 2014

Winter Fashion {January 2014}

So for the past 19 years of my life my winters have been frigid cold.  So bundling up is kind of an essential considering you have to do it for almost half the year!  Over the course of my many winters I have gathered some winter fashion essentials and favorites.

1. Thick (and I mean THICK) winter sweaters:  Honestly nothing is better the curling up with an oversized thick winter sweater and a cup of hot chocolate!

2. Knit hats:  Sometimes I find these can be a bit itchy on the scalp so I look for ones that are lined with fleece.  They are less itchy and are more ward!  My favorite colors are just white and grey because they go with everything.  However, I have many different styles of these colors, ones with pom poms on the top, ones with long tassles, etc.  Make yourself look like a little snow bunny.

3.  Infinity scarves:  Extra big and super thick.  Like actually the bigger the better.  I love the look of super oversized scarves.  I'm quite sure why, because they are kind of obnoxious but I love it.  They also help keep you insanely warm.  Look for ones that are tighter knit, they are warmer!

4.  Bean boots:  Literally enough said right there.  I have the thinsulate ones (here) but they are currently sold out.  I like these because they provide a little bit more warmth.  I would recommend these over the normal ones because they are a tad bit more comfy and a bit warmer.  They do have shearling lined ones but I just couldn't justify the increase price.  These boots go with everything and I cannot get enough.  I may or may not wear them every day...

5.  Leggings:  There isn't something I hate more than getting out of bed and having to put a pair of super tight and restricting jeans on in the winter.  I just want to be bundled up and comfy every single day!  Enter the best invention ever: leggings!!  In the winter I would recommend buying fleece lined or super thick ones because they will keep you so much warmer than normal pairs.  However, you do you (I don't judge.)  I would recommend investing because leggings are something that will last you like forever.  Lululemons leggings and these fleece leggings from Anthropologie are my faves.

6. HEAVY Winter jacket:  You need something to help you out in the frigid weather.  Something to protect your delicate skin from the negative temps.  A heavy winter jacket is a must get.  The style you get is completely up to you.  Literally there are thousands of different styles out there.  You can get puffy Michelin Man style that goes down to your knees, you get ones with a furry hood, or opt for a ski jacket style.  Whatever you decide you really can't go wrong, just make sure it keeps you warm!

7.  Gloves and mittens oh my:  This one, very similar to the jacket, many styles many colors just go.  I really like the gloves with the tech tips so that you don't have to take your gloves off to use your phone, but I wouldn't call these the warmest gloves ever.  Mitten that fold over to let your finger tips out are actually pretty handy as well.  These can be super warm too.  Explore all your alternatives and I'm sure you'll find something that suits your needs.

I wish you all luck in the fa-fa-FAREEZING temperatures we have been having as of late.  Like actually what is up with this weather.  It's snowing in Florida and people in the midwest have had school off the past few days do to severe wind chill.  I don't understand this weather.  I actually really don't like it and regret not going to school in the west every single day.  Except not really, because I love where I am!!


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