February 12, 2014

A TV Confession: White Collar {5x13}

Wow I cannot believe there have been 5 seasons of White Collar.  I love this show so much and think it is heavily underrated.  I never really hear too many people talking about it or getting that much buzz anywhere so I am going to change that!  This show is the freaking bomb!  There I said it.  Neal Caffrey may o rmay not be the best male character in a TV show like ever.  Also, his style is phenomenal!  I have a crush (big time!).  Also, my obsession with Matt Bomer might be a little creepy... not gonna lie.

Any ways, for all of those who watch the show, that season finale!!  ** SPOILERS AHEAD**  The whole time I am praying that Mozzie doesn't die because he is the comical relief of the show and like the cutest thing ever.  Meanwhile my pure hatred for Rebecca (or whatever her name is) only grows because how could she hurt Neal that much, clearly she doesn't actually love him.  And then when they actually did find the Hope diamond I really wanted it for myself even though I knew that wasn't an option.  The con they played on Rebecca was brilliant and Neal outsmarts the bad guys once again.

The future plays a big role in this season and especially in the finale.  Neal wants his freedom and wants to stop being a con man.  He wants to figure out who he really is as a person and move on with his life (heart melts).  Peter is moving away to Washington D.C. to become some big shot at the F.B.I.  And even though you really want to happy for Peter because this job is awesome, and no matter how much you want Neal to be a good guys, you know its just not going to happen.  Neal has to be a con man because its what makes the show oh-so-devine and Peter being a field officer is bad ass and the two working together... no words.

That's when Neal's deal to have his sentenced released and be anklet-free is denied and Peter decides to stay in New York.  All hopes are looking good, except that both characters are angry, hurt, and filled with revenge.  We however have a plot for another season, always a plus.  I was perfectly content with leaving the season off there: Neal wanting to flee because he still has to work with the F.B.I and Peter wanting revenge for not letting Neal off.  That's when the ball dropped, NEAL WAS KIDNAPPED!  Like actually what the f****!  Not expecting that at all!  This was the most out of the blue crazy ending ever.  It made my heart race with fear for Neal as well as Peter.  Peter is going to thing that Neal is running (because he takes of his anklet) when he was actually kidnapped!  OMG I cannot wait for next season!

I have absolutely no idea what it is going to be about or where they are going to go from there but that doesn't mean I am excited.  I am very pleased with this season (plot line, ending, everything) that I am looking forward to the next one.  Except for the fact that I have to wait ages and ages but still.  

Do you guys watch White Collar and if so what did you think of the season finale?  Do you have any other favorite shows that I should know about and watch?


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