February 11, 2014

Olympics 2014

So I'm kind of a crazy person when it comes to the Olympics.  I know what you're thinking right now, "Annie, what does that even mean to be crazy about the Olympics?"  Oh my gosh that was such a great question let me tell you... I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!  Like to the extremes.  If you think I am kidding you are sadly mistaken.  The Olympics are my life because who doesn't want to watch a week devoted to watching sports.  Like I can't think of a better week of my life.

I get Olympic updates on my phone and am constantly checking up on whose winning what and who is in the lead with the most golds (#USA). When I was home, the TV was constantly airing some sort of Olympic coverage but here in college it has been somewhat of a struggle... I don't have a TV!  I know right, sadness.  So I've been mooching of friends and relying very heavily on Twitter updates.

My favorite winter sports are definitely ice skating, luge, bobsledding (Cool Runnings FTW! haha), and HOCKEY!!!  Now in case you didn't already know this I am also a crazy hockey fan.  I think I might be more obsessed with Hockey than the Olympics.  I can tell you everything you need to know about the best sport on the face of the planet.  I know I'm a girl who likes hockey... weird right?  Actually not really because my dad and older brother are also crazy fans so I was corrupted at a young age!  So men's hockey starts Thursday and I don't think I can be more excited.  Except the problem with hockey in the Olympics is that the majority of the players come from the NHL (National Hockey League) so while I am USA all the way it's hard not to be bit biased when it comes to other teams too...  I hate not being home for the Olympics because its big in my family and we watch all the hockey games together :(

Also, the fact the this year the Olympics are in Sochi is kind of hysterical.  Is it just me or is @SochiProblem on Twitter not the best thing ever.  The shit (excuse my French) that is happening over there is unbelievable.  I highly recommend that you go check it out if you want to laugh your head off for an extended period of time.  I mean like who puts two toilets in the same room with no wall dividing them?  Oh yeah Sochi does!  haha

Hope you all are having a great Olympic experience!  What are some of your favorite events or traditions that you do with either friends or family?

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