February 18, 2014

Winter Song Favorites {2014}

Okay so I am not really quite sure why my obsession with country is flourishing right now but it is.  I have no explanation but I am not going to hide it.  I cannot stop listening to country Pandora and creating Spotify playlists.  I think it might be the fact that they all talk about the warmth of summer time and just hanging out and that is something that I really want to do right now.  I am so sick of the snow like its getting absurd.  The mountains in parking lots need to disappear and the number of times I have almost fallen is getting to be more than the number of fingers I have.  

I want Spring Break and Summer right now!  But instead, I am live vicariously through the words of country songs to make me happy.  I mean Luke Bryan's album titles just get me everytime: Tailgates and Tanlines; Spring Break...Here to Party.  Do I need to explain much more than that!?  Also, every single on of Eric Church's songs on his new album would be on this playlist if Spotify would just put it up already (arrg!)  If you don't like country then I apologize for this post but I might be doing another one soon about some of my other current song faves!

Happy listenting!

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