March 19, 2014

A TV Confession: PLL Season 4 Finale!!

HOLY SHIT (apologies for the swear I just have no other words!) what the hell did I just watch?!  I cannot decide if that was the best or worst episode of PLL ever.  Yes we did get a ton of answers about the little things we have been wondering for a long time (check out my post about some of these questions).  However, in typical PLL fashion they couldn't actually tie everything up in a nice pretty bow because that would be too easy.  Below are my thoughts as I was watching the show play out that I took on my phone **SPOILERS AHEAD**(also sorry for the bad spelling, grammatical, mistakes etc because I was a complete mess while watching this episode):

1. Nol is back?! wtf
2. theyre hugging Ali after all she put them through
3. and by everything does Ali really mean everything
4. disappearing for good? hmm what exactly does that entail Ali
5. Cece is being interrogated? when did this happen
- ooo and shes in handcuffs too!
-- Who told the police about Cece? Am I missing something?
6. and now shes bargaining hmmm what does she have?
7. cece knows Ali isnt dead and she knows whose actually dead!
-- who who please just tell us
8. ian is back!
9. melissa on the prowl
10. what files is she deleting?
11. i think the mothers should say everything they know and they'd probably figure it all out because they know a crazy amount about their children's lives.  I hope my mom doesn't know a ton about my life because thats a scary thought
12. Melissa is back!  The gangs all here
13. what does Alis mom know about the hastings and who is she in the phone with?!
14. Ali is poppin pills?
15. Toby calling Ali?! hmmm
16. So shes drugging them...
17. lol Ali admits shes a bitch
18. So they are interviewing all the Hastings? Why only them?
19. the story behind Ezra and Ali
-- still not quite sure what Ezra saw in her
20. so we know Ezra is not the father of Alis supposed Baby?
   -- Who did his mom pay off then?
-- What ever happened to Alis pregnancy scare?
21. Name spelling-- this seems significant
22. Now Alis trying to make it all right... Do we believe it?
23. Creepy Apencer "ive been waiting for you"
24. What understanding?
25. Awe Toby looking out for Spence and going to London for her!
-- Can he even afford that trip?
26. "They know" Ah know what?!
  -- They think Spencer killed the girl!
27. So Spencer fell and Ali found out about her drug habit!  We knew Spencer couldn't kill anyone
  --why is she still carrying the shovel?
28. Her mom did see it!!
29.  Wait her mom is burying her?! Da fuq -- She buried her alive GAH!!!
30. How did Grenwald find her?
31. Shit Mona saw her that night?
-- How come we never knew this?
-- She helps her too!
-- Nerd Mona is a creep
-- Eeewww what the hell Mona!  So this room existed while Ali was alive?
-- Did mona try and kill Ali?
-- Mona played Ali the whole time
32. Melissa killed the random girl?!
-- If not then what did she whisper to her dad?
33. So Ali saved Spencer that night in the bell tower! We've been wondering what happened that night
34. Who the f is that in the sketchy black outfit?!
35. Why go up? go down you fools!
36. Ezra to the rescue!!
37. I knew A would jump!
38. Ezra was shot NOOO!!!
39. many tears
40. Wait what the hell happened to Alis mom?! OMG shes dead 

Okay so this was a crazy episode if you cannot already tell by my reactions!  But this only leaves us with way more questions!

1.  Who killed Ali's mom?
2.  Who “killed” Ali?
3.  Who killed the actual dead girl?
4.  Are these three killers the same people or different?
5.  Ali’s mom did disappeared with a police officer somewhere so is this the whole corrupt cop thing again like Wilden?
6.  Ezra did say that he knew who the person in the mask was...He couldn't have said that right before he attacked them?
7.  What did Melissa whisper to her Dad? Did she kill that girl?
8.  IS EZRA DEAD!?!?!? Please please please no I beg of you no
9.  Well now that we know Ali's Mom isn't A who is?
10.  Who was Ali's mom afraid of on the phone that night?
11.  I am still going with the whole twin theory which is why she wanted Ali to stay inside!
12.  Why is Nol working with Ali? What are his secrets?

And I am sure there are probably a ton more questions but that is all my head can think of right now because I am still in shock by that episode.  Also, sorry for the long lists in this post but PLL deserves a long post because its just that amazing and frustrating and nerve-wracking and annoying and a whole bunch of emotions! Oh Marlene King you make me so angry!!

Please let me know what you guys thought of the episode and if you have any ideas about what is going on?!


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