March 24, 2014


I don't believe in picking yourself up when others our down but it definitely helps.  Seeing other people be down shouldn't make us happy for some reason it always does.  C'mon I know we all think this at times: "At least I didn't do as bad as that person." "Well she was a bitch so she deserves it."  We make comments along these lines every day.  And its actually quite sad, why do we as a human people find joy and pleasure in other people's misery.

Instead we should focus on our own happiness.  I have learned over the past few weeks that comparing yourself to others only leads to more hurt.  Facebook is a major contributor for all these things.  Seeing many people post photos of their own college experiences makes you doubt and question your own.  I cannot tell you the number of times I have said, "Compared to so-and-so I'm not having fun in college."  The number of red solo cups and Natty Lights that fill the photo-sphere on Facebook are countless.  We as college students are continually comparing our experiences, looks, beliefs, etc. to others.  

But that is not what should matter.  Instead of comparing lives we should think "Am I happy right now?"  "Am I enjoying my time?"  The questions should be centered internally instead of externally.  I know this post may seem random but I have been going through a lot lately and have found that I compare myself a lot to the people around me.  This in turn makes me feel less about myself because I assume everyone around me is doing much better.  My body is not as good as this girls.  This girl has way more friends than me. This girl seems to go out all the time.  These only make me feel bad about myself.

There have been many times in which I have considered deleting my Facebook for all of these reasons above.  I feel like it actually does more harm than good.  However, the fact that it allows you to stay connected to so many people you might have lost contact with, friends from high school, relatives who live far away, etc.  So I am adding a new New Years Resolution to my list...almost 4 months late I know!  But its more about making a change than the timing.  I want to use Facebook less for stalking others and creeping on the millions of photos that people post.  I want to post less photos to try and prove my own worth and to illustrate how much fun I am having.  It should not matter what people from my high school think of my college experience, it should only matter if I am happy.  And in order to become happier I need to stop comparing  myself to people.


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