March 28, 2014


Being away from school has been tough because I am not used to being so far away from all my family.  They only person I am used to not being around is my sister because she went away for college when I was only 8 (literally one of the most devastating things for an 8 year old) and has been living other places since then.  However, being away from my parents has been an experience both good and bad.  I love being free and independent bu there are definitely times when you just want your mom and/or dad!  

In addition, being away from by brother is odd in a new way.  He, like my sister, was in college when I was very young so being far from him is new.  However, he and his wife just had a little girl and I miss her like crazy.  Being away while she is accomplishing milestones in her life is so sad.  I am constantly getting pictures of her and every single day she seems to be that much bigger!  I know now what it was like for both of my siblings to be away while I was growing up (if you can't tell I am the baby of my family by a lot! haha).  

On the bright side, my parents are visiting me at school right now so it has been tons of fun!  Yesterday we went to a sports game (my fave!) and this weekend we are going to go exploring around the city, grab delicious food (yay for no more dining hall food!) and just enjoy the time time we have.  I haven't seen my parents since winter break which was a few months ago so being back together is crazy exciting.  However, I am going home very soon for Easter weekend so I cannot wait to see them then too.  Whenever we are together it is a crazy mix of so much love, head-butting like no other, ridiculous time!

Hope you all are having a fantastic week and enjoy the weekend!  Happy Friday!


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