March 11, 2014


Sorry for the MIA recently...its been a crazy couple of weeks.  Last week was my Spring Break.  I know crazy early, tell me about it.  I felt like I was the only one on vacation and now I'm back at school with friends Instagramming pictures of themselves at the beach its a serious struggle.  So now its back to the grind for the remaining of my freshmen year.  Yes that's right folks only 9 WEEKS left!  Woah!  I cannot believe this year has gone by so fast.  

But as the year comes to a close the thought of next year overhangs.  Two things 1) my school does not have Greek Life and 2) we have a notoriously bad housing process.  Friendships are lost, tested, strengthened, or gained during the troublesome adventure.  Basically there is not enough housing for everyone to get what they want so its a fight to get the most sought after rooms.  Everyone hears of how crazy the process is but its hard to believe until you actually see and live it.

I can tell you first hand, that it is rough.  It is hard to explain exactly what happened but basically my best friends kicked me out of my room and chose two other girls to take my place.  It was the most out of the blue situation ever and I was seriously taken off guard when they told me.  I walked back to my room and cried to my mom for almost an hour (who doesn't love their mom<3).  Anyways, this might have been the most painful thing to have happened.  Not only did people who I though I was really close to practically stab me in the back, they didn't even seem to care and didn't seem to realize that what they did was wrong.  And on top of that, they then left me with absolutely no one to room with for next year.

This experience has made me question everything I thought I knew these past few months at school.  People who I thought we would be friends for ever have stopped talking to me all together.  The fun times that we had will never be repeated and make me question if they were ever sincere or if I was ever a real friend.  I will never understand how girls can do some of the things we do.  We are absolutely terrible to one another when we should be supporting one another.  Instead of pushing each other down, competing with each other, and being selfish we need to help one another and stay united.  But for some reason girls are girls worst nightmare.  The cattiness and meanness that exists between girls in the world today is ridiculous.  There truly is no need for it.

Try to think of others before you do something you might regret.  Think of who you are affecting when you act or speak.  Taking the time to do these things may just help someone that day instead of pushing them over the edge.  Be a good friend to everyone because you never know who might need one, who doesn't have many, or whose life you might change.  There really is no point in being mean because it really doesn't help you at all.  

I am sorry for this rambling but I have found lately that writing helps me process.  So I move forward with the next 9 weeks of my freshmen year basically being completely fresh.  I have to start making new friends, finding new people to hang out with, etc...  Its definitely not going to be easy but nothing ever is.  If any of you have ever gone through a tough battle with friends please feel free to reach out to me because this one was not my first and probably won't be my last!  We have all had them, its in girl's DNA.


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  1. Where do you go to school? On campus housing is bad at my college too. There are 35,000 students and only 3500 rooms!


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