March 31, 2014

Nail Of the Day {3/31/14}

I have an obsession with nail polish.  I know that is probably nothing new but I though I would share the obvious.  Changing up my nails is something that I do pretty frequently so I thought I would start sharing some of it with you guys.  I don't really do fancy designs or anything but I am moving into more of them.  I want to expand my nail boundaries (you know what I mean! haha) beyond my usual cremes and occasional shimmer.  However, that being said, my nails from this week were pretty simple but it included a new color from Essie's new Spring line.

The pink is Essie's Romper Room from the new Spring 2014 Collection.  And the accent nail is Essie's Good as Gold from the Mirror Metalics collection.  I absolutely love these two paired together and think I might try doing some more looks (a gold french tip?)  The pale pink is very similar to Essie's Fiji but a tad pinker and a bit lighter in tone.

What have you been wearing on your nails lately?


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