March 18, 2014

Spring 2014 Fashion Craves

So I've been browsing the webs a lot lately... like a lot.  But I am not allowing myself to purchase anything because I recently went on Spring Break so that was a lot of dinero and I am saving the rest of my dinero for music festivals this summer.  So I have just been browsing and browsing like a crazy person.  Online shopping is seriously a problem because you just keep adding things to your bag and pretty soon the balance is $600 (ahem Free People... like why?!) and you just want to cry.  

1. A large black wool floppy hat: Okay so yes this may be more of a winter time than spring time item but I really want one.  And I have wanted one for the past year I just don't exactly know when I would wear it and I feel like its always in the list of things I want but I am probably never going to actually get.

2. A new iPhone case:  So this really isn't justified but is it just me or is browsing iPhone cases just the most addicting thing ever.  Like there are SOO many different kinds that I can waste hours doing this.  Pretty bright colorful ones, ones with saying, ones with handy card slots, the list goes on.  

3.  A spring time flannel:  Isn't this green flannel from Madewell so adorable.  And doesn't it just scream spring time green?  No? Maybe? Just say yes.  Like I can totally picture this with some cute jean shorts and some white Converse.  Gah I am in love!

4. A white rain jacket: I cannot believe I am saying this but I don't actually own a rain jacket.  I have always lived with baseball caps, the shell of my winter jacket, and umbrellas.  And I guess that is perfectly acceptable as I have made it this far in my life but I really want this one.  The mint color is really cute as well.  Both perfect for the spring showers!

5. Rain boots: Okay I a don't need another pair of rain boots but I saw that Rag & Bone came out with a line with Hunter and I about died.  They had the short ones that I have literally wanted ever since they came out with them but never felt justified in getting them because they are basically the same prince as the tall ones (if they are shorter they should be cheaper...right?).  But then these Rag & Bone two toned ones are just so adorable and well I want.  Probably won't get because I already have the black tall ones but yeah.

6. Mint jewelry:  I have been seeing this a lot of places and I am really liking it.  I used to think brightly colored jewelry was a bit tacky and never really bought into the trend sticking with my simple golds.  I don't know what has changed but ever since I saw these earrings with matching bracelet from Marc Jacobs while browsing Nordstrom's website I fell in love and have been stalking the mint jewelry Pinterest boards for a bit. #sorrynotsorry  In fact, Marc Jacobs entire spring line is so pastel perfect I highly recommend giving it a browse for yourself and if you purchase something let me know because I would love to live vicariously through you all.

7. High waisted white skinny jeans: So I have these exact jeans from J Brand in a dark blue color and I want them in every other color that exists, first though white for the spring and summer time.  Enough said.

8. Ray Ban Blue mirrored aviators:  I WANT THESE SO BAD!!  If there is anything on this list that I do end up purchasing it will be these, or maybe the rain jacket.  It depends if I am feeling practical or not.  I literally don't think I can express in words how much I think about these sunglasses.  And I know they may not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm in love and there is no pulling me out of it.  

9. Two tones pointed toe flats:  So Madewell's site is just on par lately.  I literally love these shoes and these.  I think its the pointy toe thats getting me or maybe the lack of a middle or the ankle strap on the first pair...  I don't really know but I want both of these.  They are a bit expensive which is what is pulling me back just a bit... and the fact that I really don't need any more shoes!

10. Leather jacket: A lust that I have had for almost 2 years now and will never purchase until I feel like my back account can handle it and until I can justify it enough.  That doesn't mean I won't always have one on my list... They just go with everything and look so cute all the time. GAH!

11. Military jacket: If you cannot tell I am kind of on a jacket craving.  I don't really own that many and I feel like spring is the time for light weight jackets.  I know its a bit late to be jumping on the army green military jacket bandwagon but I have been craving one for so long now that I think I might finally get one... well I say that but I don't know.  For right now it will remain on my wants list and hopefully (fingers crossed) one day it will get off!

What have you guys been loving on the interwebs for springtime?

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