April 23, 2014

A TV Confession: Scandal 3x18 Finale!!

Apologies for this post being a little late in response to that episode but I needed time to process.  I have no words.  That episode left me utterly speechless.  I think I have officially decided that my favorite show of all time is Scandal (and Gossip Girl, oh and The Vampire Diaries).  Okay so I really don't have a favorite but Scandal is freaking fantastic!  I have no idea where to start this post because so many things happened in this episode so I am just going to dive right in.

So Cyrus was going to let a bomb blow up a church with thousands of people inside including many government employees.  Like I understand you are sad because your husband just died and now your only purpose in life is to get Fitz re-elected but that is a new low even for you.  Luckily though, Jake saves the day and stops Cyrus from doing the unthinkable.  Fitz then has the church evacuated and as everyone is running out Maya Pope detonates the bomb.  Its not Sally's time to save the day as she uses this opportunity to her advantage and turns it into a campaign ploy.  She ends up getting ahead in the polls to a point where Olivia and Cyrus admit defeat.  WHAT?!

At first I was in shock and depressed that Fitz wouldn't be el Presidente anymore but then it all hit me that it is actually a good thing.  Now he and Olivia can live in Vermont and have the most perfect life together.  Hey, a girl can dream right?  Fitz and Olivia both realize this too and for a moment their future is looking glorious.  That is until Olivia finds it necessary to tell Fitz about Mellie's secret.  Why?  Really Olivia, really?  I was about to through something at my computer screen because there is no way Fitz would leave Mellie once he found out that his own father raped his wife.  Tears.

And just as we are starting to cope with the thought of Fitz and Olivia really never being together Fitz has to prepare a final speech where he tells people to vote for Sally or something like that.  Very soon into the speech we see little Jerry develop a severe nose bleed and then he collapses to the ground.  Now we know that this isn't good and someone (**cough cough Maya Pope**) may or may not have been responsible.  After the family rushes to the hospital it is announced that Jerry died of a supposed seizure.

The first thing that pops into Olivia's mind is that now Fitz will win the election.  The loss of a child will get the people on his side and he will be president for another 4 years.  However, now Fitz learns that Jerry died of a rare bacteria that went missing from a lab that Maya Pope was seen exiting.  Oh dear what is this woman doing?!  Fitz then enlists Papa Pope to get revenge and murder her.  Yikes!  Fitz trusting Papa Pope... somehow this seems like a bad idea.  The news of Jerry being murdered by Mama Pope spreads quickly just like everything seems to in DC.

Olivia goes into a breakdown because everything negative that has ever happened to her friends and family is all her fault (or so she thinks).  Believing that her life is the scandal that now needs to be fix she determines that the only logical solution is to quit and get on the plane that her fathered offered her a while ago.  And so that is exactly what she does.  Olivia Pope quits OPA!!!  If I wasn't screaming and crying before I am now.  Especially because you know who she takes with her on her getaway...? JAKE.  They are going to stand in the sun together.  Please NO!  Like I will do anything to put Fitz and Olivia back together.

And it wouldn't be a Scandal season finale without yet another stab in the heart or back or leg...Rowan, Papa Pope, is put back in charge of B613 and does find Maya Pope.  He tells Fitz not to worry that she was captured and killed.  However, as we see later, she was simply put in the sketchy cellar under the ground that both Huck and Jake were in.  What are they going to do with her?  Somehow the fact that he didn't kill her seems like a bad idea... right?  Also, why did he lie to Fitz about it?

In order to find Maya, Rowan needed help from Harrison, a gladiator at OPA.  After everything happened, Harrison was the only one who figured the whole thing out because some things just still didn't make that much sense.  But the truth comes out:  Maya did not poison Jerry but Rowan did!!!  OMG I did not see this one coming at all!  Papa Pope did promise Olivia to get Fitz the presidency at whatever cost, except he was not allowed to touch a single hair on Fitz's head.  And his reason for killing Jerry, "He took my child, so I took his."  Oh. My. Gahd.  After confessing everything that he did, Rowan holds Harrison at gunpoint and we have no idea what happens to him... Nooooo.  The episode ends with Fitz having a breakdown on the floor of the oval office and Mellie comforting him.  They try to call Olivia for help but she is on a plane flying into the sun with Jake :(

On a sidnote: Quinn and Huck got together.  Am I the only one who doesn't really like the two of them together.  Maybe its just the fact that I really don't like Quinn at all.  She just annoys me like no other.  And then Quinn gets information about Huck's family which she gives him.  They then break up because Huck is extremely mad at her for no other reason than he is Huck and moody.  In the end, Huck does end up going to visit his family which was super adorbale!

So that's all I have for that finale which was one mind blowing revelation after another.  I would love to make predictions about the next season but I just can't.  Nothing I ever think is going to happen actually does.  And the wilder your predictions the better because they will probably come true.  I want to say that I think Olivia and Jake's plane is going to crash but because Shonda Rhimes already did the plane crash thing in Grey's Anatomy I'm not quite sure.  I do think though that Fitz's break down is going to last and he is going to be a complete wreck.

Do you guys have any awesome theories or ideas because I would love to hear them because Scandal anything makes my eyes get all big and I just get really nerdy and excited! haha


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