April 8, 2014


So I know that my last few posts on here have been of a sadder topic but that's life right.  And I told myself that I would blog my life experiences this year so that is what I am doing.  You can't really control what happens to you but you have to take it and go with it.  It's kind of that unexpectedness that I so much love because it adds to the mystery and adventure.  However, there are times when the curve ball is terrible and traumatic causing a serious break in your daily norm.  A death.  Yup that will definitely do the trick.

At first I was in shock when I found out that a very close friend from middle school passed away the other day.  I didn't want to believe it.  I couldn't believe it.  But this was something I had to believe because in their right mind would make something like this up.  The boy that died was honestly one of the nicest, sweetest (I could literally keep going for a while) people I think I have ever met.  In middle school he was really shy and kept to himself, kind of nerdy, but was always there for your if you needed him.  In fact, he gave one of the speeches at out 8th grade graduation.

And although we grew apart in high school we still smiled to each other and had a few classes together.  It still isn't real that he won't be alive to experience some of the same life events that I and our peers will.  He won't get to turn 21 or graduate from college.  He won't find that significant other and start a family.  There are so many things that I will get to do, that a person (who deserves to do them more than anyone) won't be able to do.  Now I debated mentioning aspects of his passing because he committed suicide (well it is not fully known but that is most likely assumed.)

If you had told me sitting in my 8th grade English class (a class we were both in together) that this boy was unhappy and depressed I would have never believed you.  There is no way.  But clearly there was, clearly he was hiding so much behind his contagious smile.  This is why I felt as though I had to include the fact that his death was a suicide because I want everyone to really look at the people around you.  Do just glance over and say yeah no their definitely happy because maybe they aren't.  There are probably more unhappy and depressed people that you are close with than you think.  Take a minute and ask everyone how they are doing.  Ask them how their day was.  Tell them how important they mean to you.  These little acts can be just enough to get someone through the day, and maybe even lead them to open up and talk to you.  You never know what people are going through around you so always be cautious.  Something you say or do, don't say or don't do, or even you're actions can all have serious consequences both good and bad.  

And if you are ever feeling depressed and need someone to talk to then please do.  I am here if you need anything and I'm sure your friends, family, teachers, etc. would all love to here from you.  And if it gets really bad that suicide becomes a possibility please tell someone or call a suicide hotline.  I can promise you that life will get better.


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