April 11, 2014

Let it Go

So as mentioned earlier I have some issues letting things go.  I can remember little things people have done to things I regret all the way back to when I was kid.  Now I am not quite sure whether that is good or bad (I'm going to go with bad) but it is a slight problem.  I wish I could use this memory on tests and in school but sadly it doesn't carry over.  This year in college has been a real test to my holding grudges ability and I am learning that you have to pick and chose which events you want to consume you and which you want to simply let go.  There are many things that while they may hurt you at the time in a few days they won't mean a thing.  Those are the scenarios that you should simply toss away and not worry about because if you let every little thing consume you it will only be detrimental.  

In honor of me learning to move on, I thought I would share with some of you my favorite "Let It Go" in Frozen covers.  I honestly cannot get enough of them and I know this is a little late but I am still so obsessed.  So I hope you enjoy some quality sounds.

Because who doesn't love a good mashup of two of my current addictions?!  

Because its almost finals time and this version just makes me laugh hysterically

Literally I cannot get over this version because that girl is incredible and I want to be her!!  There is also a really cute behind the scenes video that is awesome!

Because we are probably all sick of this song and agree with this father...but at the same time I don't think it will ever get old! haha

Okay I think I'm done but if you haven't quite satisfied your frozen fix become best friends with YouTube because the parodies and covers are endless on there!


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