April 16, 2014

Lip Therapy

I realize that recently I have been talking about the weather a lot.  Like maybe more than I should but living in Boston has proven to be a interesting weather experience.  As mentioned in an earlier post, a few days ago I wore a sundress.  Today, there is snow in the ground??!!  Yes, that is right, snow.  That cold, wet, white, obnoxious weather substance that is only supposed to happen between the months of December to February/March and when it is below 32 degrees.  Yeah, that snow.  It is APRIL!  Like Sunday is Easter and there is snow on the ground.  I am heading back to Chicago tonight and am experiencing some packing dilemmas so there's that too.

Anyways, that was not the point of this post.  Well it is indirectly.  This insane weather conundrum has stripped all moisture from my body.  My lips are dry, chapped, red, hurt like no other and my skin is bad too.  I have been applying lotion like a crazy person and chapstick every 5 minutes but it simply wasn't working.  I recently took a trip to the wonderful Walgreens to get some intensive lip therapy.  I know this post would probably be better in like December and not April but you can always use some super moisturizing lips goodies...right?

1.  EOS Lip Balm:  This stuff smells great and does okay job for moisture but its more of just a basic lip conditioner.

2. Nivea A Kiss of Milk & Honey: This one also smells delicious and feels really smooth on your lips.

3.  Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning:  Love the super smooth conditioning of this one and it is definitely better than the other two.  The moisture does stay for a long time.

4. Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy:  This one has a minty tingle which some may not like.  However, I think this one, along with the Burt's Bees are two of the best ever because I can feel their moisture for a long time, like they don't dry up super quickly.

5.  Vaseline Lip Therapy Original:  This stuff is intense!  I think it might just be basic vaseline but I'm not quite sure.  I apply heave amounts of this at nights and it has worked wonders.  The red chapped corners of my mouth have been slowly disappearing and my lips just feel so much better!!  Love this stuff.

One thing I also suggest is that before you apply any of these gently scrub off the dead skin on your lips.  It may hurt a little but the moisture goodness from these products cannot fully reach your lips until the dead skin is off.  A wet wash cloth works very well or if you want to make a sugar scrub from brown sugar and honey or olive oil that works really well and has additional moisture properties.  Your lips are a very thin layer of skin that we cannot forget about.  Make sure to apply a daily lip balm with sunscreen also.

Hope this helps!  Do you have any secret moisture tricks during this crazy weather changing vortex we are currently in?



  1. I live in Florida and the weather is terrible here too! Lovely post!

    1. Can't even imagine what that humid weather would do to my skin! haha


  2. Love the Nivea (red tinted one) and Vaseline. Winters, especially this last one, are horrible in Canada. Any kind of intensive moisturizer is required!


    1. Oh man, I can't even imagine how cold it must be in Canada! That's rough, I think my skin wold officially rebel.


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