April 29, 2014

Mother's Day Presents

Mother's day is a wonderful day to step back and really look at what your mom does for you.  Even if you don't have a mom, who ever your guardian is or simply someone you look up to, it is a day to appreciate them.  Often times we take for granted what our mom's do for us.  Those car rides to sports practice (let me tell you I played a ton of sports as a kid!), rehearsals, or whatever it is that you do your mom was always there.  Helping you with projects in school or relationship advice she was the go to.  And this is the one day a year we take a step back from all the problems that we have and just thank our mom's for being truly awesome!  

In addition to just telling her how much you love and appreciate her, it couldn't hurt to buy her a little something special! Below I put a few items that I think any mom would love <3

1. A Mug || Whether your mom is obsessed with tea or coffee a mom is always a great gift because it is something she will use all the time.  Travel ones are great too!

2. Tea or coffee || This one goes along with number one but I thought I would make it its own item because it really could be a stand alone item.  Getting K-Cups or Teavana tea is always a great idea for a mother who just can't get enough.  This is a more personalized present because you have to really know what your mom's favorite thing to drink is!

3. Lotion or spa set || I don't think I ever hear the end how dry my mom's skin is.  A great lotion set or spa gift is always a go to.  I mean who doesn't love super rich lotion and good smelling show gels?

4.  Jewelry || Okay so this one is a little more complicated because it really depends on your mom.  Mine only wears necklaces that are fairly dainty.  However, if yours love her statement pieces and arm candy then go for it!  This is actually the one I got my mom for Mother's Day this year, its a gold necklace from Kate Spade that says "Mom said so".  I mean how cute is that!  And she can just turn it around to the other side and its a simple gold circle.  They also make a bangle for it.  (PS.  Kate Spade has some wonderful things for mother's right now that it was really hard to resist some of the them!)

5. A plant || A staple in our family.  There is actually a Mother's Day flower day in my town and every morning we would take my mom to go pick out some new potted flowers for the pots outside our front door and then we would go get breakfast!  I feel like its super cliche to say that mom's like planting but I just feel like they all do (right? no?)

6. A tote || Just a large bag she can carry around for the summer and not worry about it.  My mom absolutely loves the Vera Bradley ones because they are comfy and hold a lot.  She literally takes them everywhere!

7. Stationary || Whether it be monogrammed, floral, or lined this is never a bad option.  A cute little thing to keep near the phone or her purse, or even blank notes for sending thank you's.  

8. A Coupon || I think I might have over done this one when I was a little kid but I was crafty and had no money so yeah.  Giving your mom coupons for a spa day or a dinner are a sure way to melt her heart. While this may seem like very little thought it will probably mean the most to your mom.  Because this one is something that you two can do together and nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like planning and mother/daughter day!

I wish you all luck with gift shopping and if you have any suggestions of your own I would love to hear them!


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