May 16, 2014

A TV Confession: Chicago Fire {Season 2 Finale}

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year when it comes to television.  All of my winter shows have all their season finales in one big week.  Everything ends at the same time and I am left depressed for a few weeks because I have nothing to watch before my summer shows come on (True Blood!! EEK!)  The most recent finale that left me in udder shock was Chicago Fire.  This might be one of the most shocking television finales ever because I didn't expect anything drastic to happen.  While shows always love to have their dramatic moments this one was on a Shonda Rhimes level of dramatic.  **SPOILERS AHEAD** 

However, before I jump all the way to the end of the episode I first have to go back to the beginning.  I am so happy Dawson passed to firefighters exam but I hate that she is leaving Firehouse 51.  Something tells me that she isn't going to stick it out and will eventually come back to be a paramedic.  She just can't leave Shay and the other guys because they are her family.  Plus, the way her lieutenant's attitudes towards woman firefighters are she might stick it out longer just to prove a point.  The network has to promote feminism in some ways because they had the only other female firefighter commit suicide.

On a more positive note, Dawson and Casey are engaged... well kind of.  Technically Dawson didn't actually say yes but she seemed really happy and she was going to say yes before they alarm rang and they had to go to a fire.  But I am so happy that the two of them are finally happy since they had so many close calls before!

I really dislike how Devin is back in the story line.  Shay is finally getting her life back together when this crazy chick comes back to mess it up.  Devin needs to go back to where ever she disappeared to and never come back.  She is bad news for both Shay and Shay's relationship with Severide.

Speaking of Severide, he had a very traumatic episode.  They firefighters had to put out a fire at a boarding school where they had to go inspect room by room to get everyone out.  However, Severide missed a kid hiding under a bed who then gets severely burned and is close to death.  Severide is not handling it well and looks like he is going in a downward spiral.  However, his new found love interest is the cop Erin Lindsay.  I really like this relationship even though I predicted it a long time ago.  The way they do crossovers with Chicago PD is very smooth which I like even though I don't actually watch Chicago PD because I don't like any of the people in the spin off.

I feel like all I am talking about in this episode are the relationships but I feel like that is the main thing they focused on.  The next relationship on the list is Chief Boden's marriage to Donna.  While I feel like this was an extremely rushed story line I do think it is cute!  I am glad that Boden is happy because he always seems so grumpy.  This new family and baby will play a big role in upcoming episodes I think.

And without furthur ado because I can't think of any more relationships that I need to touch on or major things that happened...the final minutes.  As you can see, this seemed like a pretty normal episode, nothing too dramatic... OH WAIT!  JUST KIDDING!  At the end of the episode they house is called to a fire at an abandoned building.  What seems like a normal run turns south when no one is answering Boden's pages.  Literally every character is inside the building including Dawson and Shay who rush in when they hear someone might be paralyzed.  Then, the Chief who is on duty because technically Boden is off duty because it was his wedding enters.  With no one answering the calls, we only hear muffled voices when all of a sudden the entire building blows up!!!  Yes, I repeat, the building, with every major character inside, blows up.  And then it just ends with Boden yelling, "Oh my god no!  Someone answer me!"  Like WHAT THE ACTUAL F***??  That might be the most out of the blue ending ever (well apart from the Grey's Anatomy plane crash).

I have no idea what to expect or anything.  Does someone die?  Do they all make it out alive?  Please of please let everyone be alive!  Also, the fact that we have to wait until fall to see what happens in pure torture.  That is like 4 months away.  How am I supposed to find closure between now and August?  A definite props to the writers for keeping us on their toes and the tears flowing.

What do you guys think happened or went wrong?


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