May 17, 2014

A TV Confession: The Vampire Diaries {Season 5 Finale}

I apologize for the two television posts in a row but as I mentioned in my previous one this is the week of season finales so my emotions are riding a crazy roller coaster right now.  I get way too attached to characters in TV shows even though I try and tell myself they aren’t real people.  What can I say? I’m not really quite sure why The Vampire Diaries always has the capability to bring me to tears but I don’t think I’ve gone a season finale without them, and season 5 was no exception.

However, if there is one thing that I have learned in this show it is too not think anything is permanent.  Don’t cry until the funeral and even then someone can still come back to life.  That being said, that doesn’t stop the tears from falling.  Also, I cry like crazy when I see someone else cry (without fail) so that’s a problem too because people cry a lot in the show **SPOILERS AHEAD**

This was a very intense episode to say the least.  The plot line was that the main cast needed to get rid of all the Travelers in order to restore peace in Mystic Falls.  However, they also needed to bring back a lot of their friends from the dead.  In sending a large group of Travelers to the Other Side you are able to bring people from the Other Side back (duh! right?)  The plan to kill all the travelers: blow up Mystic Falls.  And yes, this all happened in a 45 minute long episode, a crazy 45 minutes though.

First things first, body count of the number of people they had to bring back from the dead:
1.      Stephan: Killed by the Traveler in Tyler’s body.  Stephan’s death was the first spiral in my emotional ride.
2.      Tyler: Killed by Markos for betraying the Travelers
3.      Enzo: technically he should be at the top of this rescue list (get it?) but we don’t really like him so I put him at number 3
4.      Alaric: Hell to the yes they are bringing Alaric back!!
5.      Silas: They needed a traveler to perform the spell to bring their friends back from the dead and he was the only one Enzo could find.  He said that he would help them on the condition that they would bring him back too.  Definitely did not see this one coming but it makes tons of sense.
6.      Lexi: Yes, Lexi is back too and helps Stephan on the Other Side.  I love her character and wish evil Damon never killed her!
7.      Elena: She sacrificed herself because someone needed to set off the explosion and if she did it while a vampire they could bring her back too.
8.      Damon: GAH Damon always sacrificing himself but he goes along with Elena to blow up Mystic Falls.
9.      Luke: Liv’s twin brother who Caroline killed as leverage so Liv would do the spell.

No big deal or anything…just 9 people to bring back from the dead.  Piece of cake right?  Everything seems to go pretty well in the plan.  Sheriff Forbes got caught in the blast but Damon and Alaric make sure she is okay before running off to find Bonnie.  Silas ends up being sucked into Oblivion before he can pass through.  Everyone else makes it through even though they all want to wait until Damon returns.  Lexi refuses to go through Bonnie until Damon comes because “What kind of best friend would she be?”  OMG can I please have a friend like her?  Lexi then fights off Markos pushing him into Oblivion before she finds peace knowing that Damon has time to make it now.  Lexi is officially gone :(

Alaric and Damon finally return and Alaric makes it through Bonnie.  Alaric is back!!  I can’t even remember how much I cried when Alaric died because he was probably my favorite character other than Damon.  And just as Bonnie is going to let Damon through Luke (now alive again) runs to save Liv and stops her from continuing the spell.  So now Damon and Bonnie are still trapped on the other side.

Then we have the Bonnie and Jeremy sad goodbye.  The fact that Bonnie lied to Jeremy for so many episodes is devastating.  I mean I understand her rational but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.  Bonnie tells Jeremy that she is stuck on the other side and is about to die and says her final goodbyes.  Jeremy then runs from Mystic falls to the cemetery to see her and then everyone realizes what is happening.  The episode ends with Bonnie and Damon holding hands awaiting their fate into oblivion.  TEARS.

While I am crying like a fool at this point I know that they aren’t going to die because I have an awesome prediction which probably isn’t that original but I thought it was clever.  Bonnie’s Grams told her that she did something so that Bonnie would be okay.  She was very vague about it but Grams clearly pulled some string with her witch friends to keep Bonnie alive when the Other Side collapses.  I think Bonnie will stay alive and because she and Damon are holding hands he too will stay alive!  However, the witches hate Damon soo I don’t know.  Also, this was a very small part but I think it will play a major role next season but Tyler came back without his healing abilities so he was no longer a hybrid.  Does that mean none of them are vampires or wolves or whatever they are anymore??  If they aren't vampires anymore will they start dying from age like Katherine did?  Aaahh so many possibilities!!

Watching Elena cry for Damon was probably the saddest part of the episode.  Happiest part: ALARIC!  It was hard to jump for joy amid the tears but I was happy for the best character ever to return.  Normally they end the season finales with hints at what the next season is going to be all about so maybe Bonnie and Damon will be gone for a while and next season is going to center on trying to bring them back?

What were your guy’s thoughts on the episode?  Any awesome predictions?


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