May 2, 2014

Everyday Jewelry

I love delicate and simple jewelry for everyday.  I literally think I wear the same thing every day too out of habit.  I have a draw filled with jewelry at school but I always forget that its there and I am always in such a rush I just grab whatever is right on top of my desk.  Below are the pieces that I wear every single day and feel empty without them.

1. "A" Necklace || Just a very simple initial necklace with crystals on the face.  I think I bought this at Kohls from the Lauren Conrad jewelry collection but I can't remember.  You can find these literally everywhere though!

2. Dainty rings || I used to have way more of these than are shown but I lost them or they broke (a downside of thinner rings).  I get things at little art fairs around me but so many places make many different kinds.  I love the ones with little knots too!  I also like mixing gold and silver with my rings.

3. Michael Kors Watch || I don't think I can actually express how much I love this watch.  I got it for my 18th birthday and don't think I have missed a day wearing it.  And if I do miss a day, my arm feels empty and light (because the watch is kind of heavy) and I have withdrawals.  

4. Alex & Ani bracelets || I wear the September birthstone one in gold and the Endless Knot one.  I these are super easy to wear and add a little something to your wrist.  I also love the idea of the charms and collecting  a bunch of different ones.

5. Peal earrings || So I forgot to put these in the picture because I was wearing them and yeah.  But I literally wear simple pear studs every single day.  I can't remember I time I took them off (I know so bad but I always forget and yeah...) and/or wore a different pair of earrings.  They go with everything and are such a classic piece.

What do you guys wear every day?



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