May 27, 2014


So last weekend my family and I went to our lake house and upon departure I somehow forgot my tote bag.  Yes, I forgot my purse.  And in it being my wallet, money, makeup, and laptop (my lifeline).  So to say this past week has been difficult in an understatement.  However, I have learned one thing... I am not as attached to my laptop as I once thought I was.

It was actually quite nice to be tech free for a week.  While I did have my phone with me at all time to check Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter... I spent way less time actually using technology.  The amount of time i spend just roaming the interwebs is not normal.  Some might say my love for the internet and my laptop is an addiction but we are just really go friends (normal?).  I told my sister that I left it 4 hours away and she asked me if I was going to be okay.  I think I've hit a new low.

That being said, I did enjoy the break from my laptop.  Not being constantly connected was a breath of fresh air and went outside and read a book which I haven't done in a long time (new book reads post coming soon)!!  My technology obsession is my Kindle and my laptop has been cast aside.  I think this might be a completely different story if I still had tons of TV to watch but since all my shows are over, I'm not writing essay after essay, and I no longer have a valid excuse for procrastination, I think my laptop and I are taking a break -- apart from the blogposts I post :)  Now I don't know how long this will last but for right now I am addicted to reading and can survive with the internet access my phone provides.

In one of my classes this year we talked about how our generation is technology dependent.  We all discussed different reasons why we thought this happened for developed.  The best reason I remember is that we are all afraid of being alone.  We need to feel like at any moment we can talk to someone.  The idea that we are truly by ourselves is incomprehensible.  It's sad how accurate this is.  While I like to say that I am not dependent upon technology I am.  Having my phone in my hand is a comfort and scrolling through my Instagram feed is a habit.  

Our teacher gave us an assignment to leave our phones in our dorm rooms for 1 day.  That's it.  This was one of the hardest things ever because I was constantly wondering if I received any emails from teachers or texts from friends.  What was happening on Instagram?  Did someone say something funny on Twitter?  And while I have gone two weeks without my phone being in foreign countries... the fact that I could be using but wasn't was the hardest part.

So while I have been able to ween myself off my laptop (something I once found nearly impossible) the idea of weening off my phone is dauntless.  However, I want to make it my mission to put my phone town more or even slide the dreaded "Power Off."  I think in doing this I will be able to truly enjoy my summer more and embrace the time I have with my friends and family.

I challenge you guys to try and put down the technology for a little bit and see what happens.



  1. I guess i should try to go on a tech diet. Like seriously and i can't imagine doing that. Wish me luck

  2. It feels good afterwards...I promise! haha Good luck!


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