May 14, 2014

Year 1...Done

I am currently sitting on my bed at home staring at the explosion of clothes and suitcases on my floor in complete shock.  I honestly cannot believe that I am already unpacking from my move back home.  Finals are over, packing up my dorm is done, the sad goodbyes have been said, and I am once again living back home.  With one of the best summers ever ahead I am so excited to be back but the thought that I won't be back at school for another 3 and a half months is sad.  People who I once saw every single day and lived so close too I won't see again for almost 4 months.  Its bittersweet.

This past year has been a whirlwind of adventures and emotions.  And yet I wouldn't change any minute of it.  From the crazy process of meeting new people, to random late night adventures, drama with friends, impossible classes my freshmen year of college was honestly amazing.  Yes there were times when all I wanted to do was go home and snuggle with my dog and have heart-to-hearts with my mom or transfer to another school but I think everyone has that.  We all go through tough times when you want to be with someone close to you and its hard to do that at college because while you are physically close to everyone its hard to become emotionally close to so many people.  Opening up is a difficult process but one that I think over time will only help make the years better.  

Freshmen year was the best adventure and independent experience of my life.  The number of people I met and things I learned could have changed my unfathomably.  I am completely different person than the 18 year old who left a year ago.  I thought I would share some thoughts for incoming freshmen on the college process.  Yes its scary, but its roller coaster worth sticking around for.  Don't get out of line quite yet because once you get off the ride, it will totally be worth it!

Be yourself // College is a fresh start.  No one knows who you are so its the first time in your life where you can be your best self.  Be who you always wanted to be in high school but were too afraid because in college those weird quirks you have are awesome!  

Leave your door open // This is the easiest way to put yourself out there.  Just prop your door open to show people that you want to meet them.  People might just walk by and introduce themselves.  On the other hand, if you see someone with their door propped open walk in.  It might feel odd or embarrassing but after that first awkward introduction you might make a best friend.  I honestly cannot thank enough the one girl on my hall who made me go with her and introduce ourselves to everyone who had their doors open.  I was so scared but I met a ton of new people during that first week because of it.

Plan wisely // The main aspect of college that is different from high school is the amount of free time you have.  You only take two or three classes a day and that leaves 20 or so hours left in the day for you to do as you please.  Take advantage of this time!  Also, when planning your schedule take into consideration your sleep habits, when you eat and like to do work, etc.  In high school you might have woken up everyday to start class at 8 am but you don't have to do that in college!  Don't be afraid of taking the 5pm class just because its so late.  Schedules are completely different on college so experiment. 

Join clubs // My college had a club fair one of the very first weeks of school.  There, every club lined the campus sidewalks and tried to get you to join.  I signed up for so many random clubs (*cough* physics club?! *cough*).  Like I hate science so I have no idea what I was thinking but hey...  I stuck with two clubs that I signed up with that day and together they made my freshmen year.  I met some of the best friends through them and have amazing times.  

Sports events // Tailgates and football games.  Cheering for hockey games.  Late night basketball games.  These are moments that are just pure fun and can make your day.  I think I took my friends to every single hockey game that we had because I love the sport.  My friends had never watched or even knew much about the sport but they went with me anyway.  We had the best times chanting and hanging out with all the other fans.  Don't miss out on these moments because this is what you will remember.

I wish you all luck if you are starting college because I swear you will have a crazy awesome time!!



  1. For me after the first year it was so hard to go back home. I had to go from doing what I wanted when I wanted to telling my parents when I am going out. It is a hard adjustment. Enjoy your summer.

    1. Haha tell me about it!! The lack of independence since coming back is a big change.

  2. I just finished my first year too! So surreal being home, isn't it? Cute blog xxoo

    1. Thanks so much!! I feel like I'm on a winter break or a shorter holiday and am going to go back any day now!


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