June 28, 2014

A 4th of July Treat

I am newly obsessed with Chobani.  Yes I am well aware that I am way behind the Greek yogurt trend but I used to hate it.  I tried it once and it left the worst taste in my mouth and refused to ever try it again.  However, while trying a cool recipe from The Beauty Department that required Chobani Greek Yogurt, I hesitantly bought some.  I refused to taste the yogurt but mixed it with the fruit puree.  I licked off the spoon and was surprised at how amazing it actually tasted.  I then proceeded to just try a spoonful of the Greek yogurt that didn't have strawberry puree in it and actually liked it; it was the Vanilla flavored one.  Now I am addicted and just bought like 10 more flavors.

I thought I would share what I have loved pairing my Greek yogurt with because I still think it tastes better with lots of fruity goodness :)  Basically it a simple fruit, yogurt, and granola mixture but I used red, white and blue, for the 4th of July and put it in a Mason Jar so it looked all pretty.  You could easily add whatever fruit you want and put it the most boring container ever and it will still taste just as delicious.

I think these would make the perfect 4th of July treats!  They are super easy to make before hand and just store in the fridge before dessert time. Another thing you could do is make like a little buffet so people could make there own!  You could have an assortment of different fruits so people and put in whatever they want.  You could also just make this for yourself (like I did!) because it makes the perfect breakfast or afternoon snack or even dessert.

For the ingredients you will need:
Fruit (I used strawberries and blueberries for the festive theme but you can use your favorites)
Granola (whatever kind you like best!)
Greek Yogurt (I am using the Vanilla flavored Chobani but once again, your preference)
A mason jar or any type of bowl for serving
Optional: Honey or Stevia for a little extra sweetness

Now you simply start layering.  I started with the granola on the bottom but you could to all the yogurt on the bottom or fruit.  I think that's the best part about using a mason jar, you can make the coolest designs based on how you decide to layer it!  I like to add honey to my granola so I just drizzled some on top.  You could also just mix some in with your yogurt.

After the granola came the first layer of Greek yogurt.  This was actually a lot harder than I expected because it didn't smooth out as easily as I hoped.  I also got yogurt all of the sides of the jar so be wary.  If you do decide to serve these then you might need to be extra cautious or be prepared for a little cleanup.  However because I was just making this for myself I didn't really care (I actually did but I tried not to overreact and let the OCD kick in! haha)

Then the strawberries and another layer of yogurt.  Once again, you might want to add more strawberries than you think so that you get the ultimate layering effects.  My strawberries just sunk into the first layer of yogurt but if I had had more then that would not have happened.

Then the blueberries and another layer of yogurt.  Once again, the more fruit you add the better the layers will turn out.  I learned the hard way but it benefits you so that's all that matters.  From here on out you can just keep adding more layer's until you think you are finished.  Because I'm using a rather large mason jar this was actually a lot of yummy goodness so I just stopped here.  

I garnished the top with some more granola, fruit, and a bit of drizzled honey:)

And the final product!  This is such an easy meal and it can serve so many purposes, plus it tastes amazing!  I hope you all enjoy it and let me know if you decide to try it out.  Also, let me know what your favorite ways to eat Greek yogurt are.


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